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    People doing stupid things

    So I'm pretty sure my neighbor has OCD. I've seen him sweeping his garage at 3AM, shovel snow off his roof that isn't flat, he also spends thousands on his grass every year, we live in sand and he's the only one with a perfect lawn. I just walked outside and he's pressure washing his soffit and...

    So......how about some 'B' Body Vans.

    Couple that did worship today used to live in this

    No dipstick?

    Most BMWs I see smoke oil. A guy I know was told by the dealership, 1-2 quarts per 5k was normal? Not saying it has to due with the stick but it all is relevant.

    No dipstick?

    It's upside down! You'll never get a correct reading! Lol. Did Cummins change anything this year? All the emissions and DEF scare me, I still like my 03 HO. Seems like the new ones can't be deleted.

    No dipstick?

    What kinda crap is this? I'm keeping my older vehicles. ‘That’s a deal breaker’: Truck expert blasts new Dodge Ram for not having a dipstick. Here’s why it’s a problem

    Has anyone noticed the poor quality of Levi's jeans.

    I get pants here. Usually get a couple years out of em. Factory 2nd Men's Workwear | Dungarees

    Cupholder / console insert . Killer idea

    Or get this.

    How's your view ?

    Oh man, hopefully it gets better soon. I've had that a lot and it sucks when it hits. Ice and bourbon, mix and match as you see fit.

    How's your view ?

    Last Tuesday called in for storm clean up, @100 mph winds reported, drove right into it. I had to ditch bomb around three trees on the way in. This was the first. Then my view on Thursday, much better.
  10. ESOXER

    10 Real-Life Examples Of Why American Measurements Are Better Than The Communist Metric System

    Screw the commies that put metric bolts and nuts on cars so I have to have two sets of wrenches and two sets of sockets to work on anything.
  11. ESOXER

    How I Spend My Afternoons After Retirement

    Not retired but I polished my 90 35th anniversary sled tonight, got a coolant leak. Pretty sure it's the cap. Wife and neighbors are pissed lol. Braaaap! Nothing like high test and 2 stroke. I need to sweep and get the Satellite running!
  12. ESOXER

    Who has tried this muffler?

    Classic Chambered Exhaust Inc. - Home Page :thumbsup:
  13. ESOXER

    What’s your favorite sandwich meat

    I've been craving some olive loaf with red onion and spicy brown mustard. Wife forgot to grab it at the store yesterday.
  14. ESOXER

    How to Withdraw Large Amounts of Your Own Money (Cash) From Your Bank Account

    My comment would immediately go to PF forum. It's BS. My father worked for a bank and had issues at the bank he worked for.
  15. ESOXER


    A really rare steak and eggs is my send off breakfast. My daughter prayed for Tony and your family just a few minutes ago during night time prayers. A good dog is hard to lose, but knowing there going to a better place is hard to forget.
  16. ESOXER


    You're in my prayers. It's the hardest time for us. "Lord, pets were one of your greatest creations. (Pet name) brought me so joy and love and I praise you for your wisdom in creating animals that enjoy the company of people. Thank you for the blessing of (pet name). May he go peacefully into...
  17. ESOXER


    I know it's Friday but I'm getting excited and nervous at the same time. Dutch and I are going Sunday to our first HRC training. I just hope Dutch behaves. I know It comes down to me, and I don't like new people. There's only four trainings this year, but hopefully I can get in with the off day...
  18. ESOXER

    The Proper way to cook a Rib Eye steak

    Wife bought some lamb breast plates at Aldi for $8. I wasn't expecting much, I marinated them in Coke, Worcestershire, Amino acids(soy, but won't turn you to a soyboy) and garlic. Did Meateaters smoking method, did a Jim Beam/ Sweet Baby Ray's glaze and it was awesome.