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  1. TorRed

    Mopar M1 intake manifold

    I've got a NOS Mopar M1 for a W2 small block that I have to find and put up for sale. Like was said previously, Mopar used 'M1' for a lot of intakes!
  2. TorRed

    Spent the weekend in the hospital

    So glad everything worked out and hope your tests and treatments go well from here! I go in for a 'proactive' echocardiogram next week, strongly believe multiple Covid infections and 3 'shots' have done no favors to my heart. Ugh.
  3. TorRed

    Shaft seal leaking on my 68 Charger 383 P/S pump, replacement or seal kit? (pic)

    Yeah, that's what I kind of figured, I need to hit Youtube myself. Thanks.
  4. TorRed

    Shaft seal leaking on my 68 Charger 383 P/S pump, replacement or seal kit? (pic)

    I'm planning on rebuilding my Saginaw unit which I believe does need some kind of puller to get off. Other question I have is how do folks press it back on???
  5. TorRed

    Anyone run the 8" (shorter) Gear Vendor setup?

    Talk to Gear Vendors. I asked the exact same question and they absolutely recommended the longer version. It's been a while but I believe they said it actually went in easier with no clearancing required other than a quarter sized 'dent' in one spot of the floor bottom. Again, if I remember...
  6. TorRed

    Has anyone noticed the poor quality of Levi's jeans.

    Want to tread lightly here, no offense intended, but I'm curious about your flag given you live in south Jersey according to your info. Don't think of that area when I see the 'Stars & Bars' displayed! I'm born and raised in the south and proud of our heritage and chafe at how many have...
  7. TorRed

    Real 68 Hemi Roadrunner help

    Awesome find! Got to admit I'm a little bit jealous right now!!
  8. TorRed

    1969 Roadrunner 295/50r15

    That is exactly the setup I'm planning for The Bird, I had 5.5" BS 15x10 American Racing Torq Thrust D's made for the back, 15x8 on the front and exactly the same size tires you're using. I also have Firm Feel HD rear springs to install, but mine are regular height. Everything I read at the...
  9. TorRed

    Replacing Factory Disc Brakes on 1969 Charger

    I have these to put on the Bird, have drum brakes all the way around now. 10.95" Front Disc Brake Kit (Stage 1)
  10. TorRed

    Richard Petty on his favorite race car

    The lake that I grew up on in Georgia fed into the Yellow River not too far from the Yellow River Dragway where Petty had his unfortunate accident. I was pretty young but I remember hearing something about it as it was big news at he time.
  11. TorRed

    69 Charger on the autocross

    If you don't already have a copy this is an excellent book: mopar suspensions, mike martin, 1984 | eBay
  12. TorRed

    Mopar Action gone again?

    Just subscribed to MCG, it's a deal with the free shirt!
  13. TorRed

    Good bye highway gears. Hello 3.55

    Good to hear, I have the parts to put both in my Bird.
  14. TorRed

    FOR SALE Molnar Technologies 4340 Forged Steel 470" 3.91" Stroke 383-400 "B" Block Stroker Crankshaft - New

    What rods would you use in a 383? Do you know of any off the shelf stroker pistons for this crank?
  15. TorRed

    Mopar Action gone again?

    Cool pic, my older brother was a crew chief on an RF4C Phantom out of the U.K. in the 70's. From pics I've seen it had an identical paint scheme as that one.
  16. TorRed

    How do you get a very sticky glue like substance off interior plastic - Anyone

    Avon 'Skin So Soft' works wonders. Years ago many people already had this in their house, not so much now days.
  17. TorRed

    Who has tried this muffler?

    Are these the Flowmaster 50's? They sound great in the clip! Any drone or other downsides? Thx
  18. TorRed

    3" exhaust opinions?

    Thank you, that's what I was hoping to hear!
  19. TorRed

    Apocalypse Now Overrated?

    My favorite Vietnam movie is "We Were Soldiers" We Were Soldiers (2002) ⭐ 7.2 | Action, Drama, History It gets good reviews for its realism from people who were actually there (I wasn't, too young) I know my uncle Frankie who did 2 tours as a Green Beret then got Malaria and couldn't pass the...
  20. TorRed

    3" exhaust opinions?

    Resurrecting this thread to ask a question about 3" pipes and rear sway bars; anyone running an OEM style frame mounted rear sway (think FirmFeel) and 3" pipes? If so, custom bent or pre-bent. Please include whose pipes you're running. Thanks!