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    Beethoven 9th symphonie 200 anniversary.

    One of the most elegantly simple concert halls in the world is not a hall, but the Music Shed at Tanglewood, surrounded by the peaceful Berkshire mountains. It was the first, now there are many. At Tanglewood the last concert is always the Beethoven 9th, and the acoustics of the shed are so...
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    Bud Anderson passes

    I was stationed at Edwards Sep 88-Aiug 89 and met Bud Anderson, who was a close friend of Chuck Yeager. Julie and I and 3 other people had a private dinner with Yeager, who was as fascinating as you would expect. I think i read that on the 50th anniversary of supersonic flight, he flew in an...
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    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    PS the cockpit module was the solution to very high speed ejection: an open seat is lethal above about 500-550. The B-58, the original B-1, and the Vark had capsules. Pilots today face the 600 knot breeze with neck stabilization and arm and leg restraints. I personally evaluated, and flew with...
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    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    Don't all ye who post these want to guess as to their location, type, etc??!! The RAAF Mig Killer flew a Meteor made by Gloucster. Howver this was a one-off; the Meteor was no match for the agile Mig, and they were withdrawn from air combat and used air-ground only. I think the USAF F-86s are...
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    Edelbrock AVS2 Linkage Question

    My factory to Eddie is a 1/4" 24 tpi. I got a bolt from the hardware store, sawed off the top and used it to extend the linkage. Works perfectly. Good luck.
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    PS pump filler neck loose! Weld? Solder? Duct tape??

    the filler neck apparently is soldered or welded on. Which should I do? Thanks!
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    For all of You Train Lovers

    Elegant, purpose-built pax cars. For a tourist train, not overly pricey. Too bad about the style-free freight switchers up front. The Canadian LRC locos were very pleasing to see.
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    1964 Sport Fury Throttle and Kickdown linkage HELP

    I am not very mechanical. but I made an extension for my linkage to my Eddie from 1/4" x 24 threaded rod. works perfectly. The 24 tpi is unusual, I think i cut off a bolt.
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    Name a car your parents owned you thought was goofy but now is cool.

    54? Henry K, from Kaiser. I have a photo somewhere...
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    Southwest Introduces New C-17 Cargo Plane Capable Of Carrying Your Mother-in-law

    i saw the Mriya (dream in Ukrainian) at The Farnborough Air Show. Aluminum overcast, darkened the skies over my house on final. Most amazingly, it turned around, on the grass!
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    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    Hawker Typhoon was the Brit Jug or A-10!
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    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    i have about 300h in a Hunter T7, the side by side trainer. Lovely old lady. I evaluated the F-16XL vs the Strike Eagle. F-15 won, based on load and range.
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    Richard Petty's "Special" Textured Roof - 1968 Daytona 500

    I had not heard the aerodynamic "golf ball" theory before. If true, why are ALL planes flush-riveted? The golf ball dimples induce turbulence, which causes the boundary laher to remain attached farther back, reducing friction drag. The tiny curved projections, 'vortex generators", on the top...
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    911 by Jeff Fellmeth -- Retired American Airlines Pilot

    Jeff did you retire from the USAF? I flew fighters 63-93, Hun, Hog, Electric Jet, but my last real jet trip was 27 July 93, 1.9h in a BAE Hawk from Farnborough, solo, climb direct to 410, then 250 ft AGL, 420KIAS for a tour of the Lake District - low level maps had one-way arrows! for mid-air...
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    911 by Jeff Fellmeth -- Retired American Airlines Pilot

    I too was flying on the am of 9/11, a Commanche 250 heading for a small airport just outside the beltway in MD. The first clue that something was amiss was Baltimore Approach telling an out-of -fuel 727 to land either at Baltimore, or...Andrews AF Base...Then he turned us over to DC approach...
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    B body convertible top pad?

    I have the top and pad, but...will the pad fit? I think my original 63 did not have a pad, and my current 63 Fury vert does not have a pad, but the top was installed by an amateur. Help please!
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    Re White Blue Sport Fury trim paint code?

    Any info out there on proper code paint for the RWB front and rear emblems on my 63 SF ? Curiously, the original, 60y old front, round emblem paint is intact, but the rear, horizontal has badly worn colors! I can go to a hobby shop and match, but, I'd rather go original, if info is available...
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    hi everyone new to group have 66 Hemi Coronet

    Most excellent car! Nice man cave too! However, you must not allow the Assistant House Commander to put her washing machine near your Hemi
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    Some GOOD news about the EPA.

    on the same topic, today's WSJ article relates that EPA has concluded that making fuel mileage standards more stringent would ...cost the taxpayer, and result in: 0.000% CO2 (= no measurable) reduction. The WSJ compliments their unusual honesty. You can't make this stuff up. Short smog story...
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    FOR SALE HP Head Liquidation and other Engine Parts.........$150 pair

    Thanks again! I would like the set of 906 heads for my "78 400, with valves and springs. My son lives in Redondo Beach. Next time I visit him I can pick up the heads from you. Payment details?