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  1. turbine68rt

    '66 Satellite Parking/Turn Signal lens's

    8-32 thread, 1" long.
  2. turbine68rt

    I’m being followed

    The color isn't too bad either.
  3. turbine68rt

    727 - Won’t go into Park or Gear

    Easiest way to work on it, as well as confirming the detent assembly is functioning properly.
  4. turbine68rt

    RM21G4G with a 340?

    Most likely from a '72 Dart, Demon, or Challenger built at Hamtramck.
  5. turbine68rt

    Oil consumption discovery

    If you want to get even more technical, not only should the holes face down, but the 15° angle in relation to the centerline of the mounting bolts should swing towards the valves to provide proper lubrication, according to the people who designed it.
  6. turbine68rt

    Oil consumption discovery

    Spacer rings look like they are missing as well.
  7. turbine68rt

    Happy Birthday To davek

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  8. turbine68rt

    727 - Won’t go into Park or Gear

    That's what I was referring to regarding confirming if the arm is properly engaging the manual valve. You may need to drop the valve body in order to adjust the height of the detent plate to get the arm to seat between the two stops on the manual valve (if the arm interferes with the outer...
  9. turbine68rt

    727 - Won’t go into Park or Gear

    Was the E clip that retains the kickdown rod removed at any point? I would drop the pan and confirm that the arm near the NSS wiper (if '69-up) is properly engaging the manual valve. When you say the fluid is full and pumping, how was the pumping confirmed? Either way, the park rod engaging with...
  10. turbine68rt

    69 Charger tach question

    Clock was standard on '68-'69 Charger. Not on '70 except for 500.
  11. turbine68rt

    Temperature Issues

    If you already have a timing light, start there.
  12. turbine68rt

    Temperature Issues

    What are your current timing settings?
  13. turbine68rt

    Happy Birthday blue69runner

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  14. turbine68rt

    Miss Alabama

    I believe the women's libbers are going silent because if they do speak out they will automatically be put in the anti-alphabet soup camp.
  15. turbine68rt

    68 Charger production differences

    Here's a couple shots of my originals showing the manufacture date and the peening on back of the chrome buttons. Also on the inside of the map pocket is a Naugahyde stamping from 1-68.
  16. turbine68rt

    68 Charger production differences

    I have to check my original panels and report back, but I think there was a date code stamped on the back of the card. I would have reused my buttons but it looked like they were peened over on the back so I had to get repros. From what I've seen, most of the repro panels didn't include the...
  17. turbine68rt

    Happy Birthday To hanks73340

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  18. turbine68rt

    Happy Birthday To QuickBpBp!

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  19. turbine68rt

    Fuel Overload Fresh Engine Build

    I can only speak from personal experience, but when it comes to a stock setup there was no need to use a mechanical pump higher than about 5.5-6 psi. I used to regularly race mine in the early '90's and often had e.t.'s equal to, or quicker than when these cars were new (referencing magazine...