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    Looking for Coronet RT -68 emblems

    I bought my fender emblems from ebay. I got the rear letters and R/T emblem from laysons. http://www.laysons.com/Catalog.cfm?nCatID=2849&nModelID=13&nModelYear=1968
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    Carpet colour decision

    If your interior is all red, I would stay with red carpet. If you do black it will make the red pop out too much. If you have some black inside ie; dash, painted steel doors black, Then I think you can do black carpet. That's my opinion
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    Console trim clips

    Look what I found...25 for $5.00 In case anybody needs these. I'll have 23 extra.
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    Console trim clips

    Thx shorty.
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    Console trim clips

    Hey guys/ladies, Would any of you happen to have a few of the chrome trim clips for the console trim on my coronet? Two would be all I need. Thanks
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    Interior Sound Insulation

    I'm going to put this stuff in. http://www.b-quiet.com
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    Question on Interior Paint/finish/texture on small trim parts.

    Mine is same color as dash, blue. With the suede look. I think it's called, same as dash. I believe the upper parts of the door you are referring too is either body color or interior color. Match the upper molding to your headliner would be best I think. I am no expert tho.
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    Remove paint from 67 plastic glovebox door

    Oven cleaner should work nicely. Test it on a piece of plastic should be no prob. Used it on model cars before.