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    LED Instrument Lamps?

    I used this companies LED in my car. https://www.superbrightleds.com
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    Which Hgh-Torque Mini Starter ?

    Another one for D B electrical. Mine works great. Fit with my Doug's and TTI's. You do have to remove the terminal extension post, like others have done. That's the black Bake-o-lite piece you see in the pictures.
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    Exhaust fitment, couple of issues / questions

    My 452's are the same. I am going to cut the flange, except for upper and lower points, and pivot the flange so it angles towards the trans cross member. Then weld back the flange. Shouldn't need more than a couple of degrees.
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    Upper dash pad

    http://www.pgclassic.com/1888-70-mopar-1969-70-b-body-dash-pad/ I bought mine here for my 68. Very nice.
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    RE: Z bar rebuild

    Slick. Thanks for the hot water tip!
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    Dash wiring harness

    They had most of it in stock. Just waiting on the engine harness which should be in at the end of the month.
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    Dash wiring harness

    I would go for a new one. I am waiting for my wording set to come in from year one myself.
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    That Damn Richard Cranium Made Me Do It!

    Damn. This thing is SICK! I could have made a (one) payment on this if I saved on my chrome job.
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    Hydro boost brake conversion

    Are you trying to keep everything stock appearance? What size brakes are you going with? If I were to do a performance brake kit I would probably consider dr diff kits. http://www.doctordiff.com/brakes/complete-kits/#ty%3Bpagination_contents%3B%2Fbrakes%2Fcomplete-kits%2F I myself did all...
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    thinking of doing a manual trans conversion

    Ya, that's a pretty far trek. You havev30 days to pick it up at the shipping depot tho. Haha If its made in USA there should be no duty! NAFTA certificate can clear that up. I am in the process of getting one ready when I go pick up my Alterkation and street lynx kit. I am debating the...
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    thinking of doing a manual trans conversion

    Ship it to the border and pick it up. You get raped on shipping!!! If it's made in USA should be no duties. Just GST?.. No brokerage fee either. I am getting my Alterk shipped there in the next few weeks.