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    Headers Question

    Haha. When I found myself looking for headers I asked the same question. I found that majority will point to TTI. I was just in denial because of the cost to purchase these headers... Are you in denial as well? You want the truth... You can't handle the truth. Neither could I, so I went with...
  2. K

    Headers for R/T

    I went with a set of Doug's. I really wanted the TTI's as I have a "buy the best the first time" attitude. But, I couldn't justify the price. $740 vs $1250, Canadian that is. I can do a lot with $500.
  3. K

    Dougs coated 452s headers or TTI ceramics

    Yup, buying things when your wallet isn't like Justin Bieber's really is tough. You really want to buy what you will be happiest with not necessarily what is best "for now". Everything I have read has pros and cons to them. Just remember... "Your first loss is your cheapest loss". I think I...
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    Dougs coated 452s headers or TTI ceramics

    Is that the price for raw headers or ceramic that you are quoting? I am leaning towards Doug's myself as well. They are less expensive than the hooker super comps and a lot less than TTI. Locally for me to buy TTI's it's almost $1300. For the polished ceramics. $630 for the Doug's. This is...