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  1. A4GTX

    Surprised by the final hammer price for this 66 Hemi Charger on BAT

    The ad definitely states that it’s a real Hemi car but not until the very end. It never claims that it’s the original engine, though.
  2. A4GTX

    FOR SALE 1971 roadrunner v code survivor

    Couldn’t get ac with six-pak. Compressor doesn’t fit with air cleaner.
  3. A4GTX

    From bad to worse... whats the magic part number? (Could really use your expertise)

    Sure, I’ll sell it. I probably have at least five laying around. Obviously won’t get you going this weekend, though.
  4. A4GTX

    From bad to worse... whats the magic part number? (Could really use your expertise)

    This is what you’re missing. Pretty much every Mopar built from ‘67 through at least ‘81 has one.
  5. A4GTX

    Is This A Mopar Switch?

    Rear defrost switch would not be labeled “TOP”. Interesting that they moved the convert top switch location; my ‘68 Coronet R/T convertible with Rallye dash had the top switch next to the wiper switch.
  6. A4GTX

    WTB Needing 1967 Coronet Quarter Panels

    AMD just came out with ‘67 Plymouth full quarters. Coronet may not be far behind. Maybe give them a call…
  7. A4GTX

    *NOT MINE* ’67 Coronet R/T convert project for sale *NOT MINE*

    1967 Dodge Coronet · R/T convertible NOT MINE but local to me. Rough but real.
  8. A4GTX

    ‘67 R/T convertible NOT MINE

    NOT MINE but local to me1967 Dodge Coronet · R/T convertible
  9. A4GTX

    Help - Electrical Gremlins

    I guess ‘62 does have that wire. I was wrong. I would still be looking to the relay as the likely problem.
  10. A4GTX

    Help - Electrical Gremlins

    There is an inaccuracy in your post. There is no hot wire from the starter to the relay. GM does that but not your Mopar. The large positive (hot wire) cable goes from the battery to the starter. The smaller wire on the starter is from the relay to the starter and is only hot in the ignition...
  11. A4GTX

    Electric choke killing ignition!

    I always use the wiper park feed.
  12. A4GTX

    New Upholstery arrived this week.....

    Flu kills about 50K a year. Covid killed one million. That’s not “just another flu season”.
  13. A4GTX

    Speedometer numbers - question

    Buckets were standard but console was optional. ‘68 had chrome console and ‘69 had woodgrain.
  14. A4GTX

    WTB 56 Plymouth hood H

    Okay; thanks!
  15. A4GTX

    WTB 56 Plymouth hood H

    I’m restoring a 1956 Plymouth Savoy and need the letter “H” for the hood. Anybody out there have one that they’ll sell? Thanks, Bob
  16. A4GTX

    Is this original rear glass “clear” or “tinted”?

    Tinted glass will have “TINT” etched into the glass, by the pentastar and date code.
  17. A4GTX

    1970 b-body Passenger Mirror Option

    American cars are driven from the left side and British cars are driven from the right side. If someone is left-handed, that doesn’t change to right-handed when I’m facing them.
  18. A4GTX

    Lost! My late Mother's 1968 Dodge Charger HELP

    First you need to send Galen about $8 billion. Then he’ll be glad to tell you a bunch of made up garbage…