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  1. TorRed

    Theme songs for your life - who's got one?

    Got to go with that great philosopher Conan:
  2. TorRed

    Married 44 years today!

    Congrats, way to go! 41 years and counting here.
  3. TorRed

    Spent the weekend in the hospital

    So glad everything worked out and hope your tests and treatments go well from here! I go in for a 'proactive' echocardiogram next week, strongly believe multiple Covid infections and 3 'shots' have done no favors to my heart. Ugh.
  4. TorRed

    Has anyone noticed the poor quality of Levi's jeans.

    Want to tread lightly here, no offense intended, but I'm curious about your flag given you live in south Jersey according to your info. Don't think of that area when I see the 'Stars & Bars' displayed! I'm born and raised in the south and proud of our heritage and chafe at how many have...
  5. TorRed

    Richard Petty on his favorite race car

    The lake that I grew up on in Georgia fed into the Yellow River not too far from the Yellow River Dragway where Petty had his unfortunate accident. I was pretty young but I remember hearing something about it as it was big news at he time.
  6. TorRed

    Mopar Action gone again?

    Just subscribed to MCG, it's a deal with the free shirt!
  7. TorRed

    Mopar Action gone again?

    Cool pic, my older brother was a crew chief on an RF4C Phantom out of the U.K. in the 70's. From pics I've seen it had an identical paint scheme as that one.
  8. TorRed

    How do you get a very sticky glue like substance off interior plastic - Anyone

    Avon 'Skin So Soft' works wonders. Years ago many people already had this in their house, not so much now days.
  9. TorRed

    Who has tried this muffler?

    Are these the Flowmaster 50's? They sound great in the clip! Any drone or other downsides? Thx
  10. TorRed

    Apocalypse Now Overrated?

    My favorite Vietnam movie is "We Were Soldiers" We Were Soldiers (2002) ⭐ 7.2 | Action, Drama, History It gets good reviews for its realism from people who were actually there (I wasn't, too young) I know my uncle Frankie who did 2 tours as a Green Beret then got Malaria and couldn't pass the...
  11. TorRed

    NOT MINE - 1966 Charger Hemi Car - 5K - No Motor/Trans

    Wow, that's right by the house! Says it's Pending right now so probably sold.
  12. TorRed

    *unofficial what are you listening to?* thread

    Greatest skating song ever!
  13. TorRed

    Anyone still have their High School ride?

    Bought my RR in 1974 when I was 15, my profile pic is the Bird in my HS parking lot circa 1976. My wife & I dated in this car.
  14. TorRed

    best progressive rock band you never heard.

    Saw Rush at the Omni in Atlanta (now torn down) many years ago. Couldn't afford the good seats back in my youth so we were sitting up in the rafters. The second hand high I got by the end of concert was legendary, the music rocked especially considering they are a three piece band. Love them.
  15. TorRed

    Surgery day , oh boy.

    Just now reading this so you've already had your surgery. Here's hoping it went well and they gave you some good pain meds to get you through the coming weeks. Take care.
  16. TorRed

    2024 'cuda... thoughts ??

    I don't hate the look but what's this calling the same car with very slight updates all these different classic names? If they were offering the above car in a 6.4 Hemi AWD version I'd take it for a test drive. All electric, I'll pass at least until the "next gen" versions come out with better...
  17. TorRed

    Replacement Fender Tags

    I do not, when I pulled my back seat out many years ago I saw the sheet and like a dummy pulled it out only to have it disintegrate into a dozen pieces. I kept the pieces around and may still have them but who knows where. Odd thing, were there two pieces of paper normally in these cars...
  18. TorRed

    Replacement Fender Tags

    I've had the car since 1974 with 48k miles so I'm pretty confident I know exactly what came on the vehicle which wasn't much. AM radio, black vinyl top, deluxe black interior, PS, automatic on the column, Torred paint, light group (under dash light, trunk light), triple stripe and dust trail...
  19. TorRed

    Replacement Fender Tags

    Awesome, thanks that's one of the two sites!
  20. TorRed

    Replacement Fender Tags

    I apologize in advance for this having covered before, I even remember reading it here and thought I had bookmarked both Websites, but can anyone send me the link for the two companies that reproduce Mopar fender tags? I remember there was one that folks thought might still do Mopars but when I...