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  1. Darius

    A long 6 years for this M Code

    AWESOME!!! There is nothing like the feeling of completing and then DRIVING a car one has torn down so completely and rebuilt! Beautiful job Brother!
  2. Darius

    Drug home a 69 Super Bee - in boxes

    I like ALL of your pics in your option post, however, I think yellow with a black butt stripe looks best followed by red with white stripe.
  3. Darius

    My 1970 Satellite project

    Keep plugging away brother! Looking good so far. My GTX was the first car I ever built also, never even welded before I replaced all but 5 pieces of original metal on that heap so I feel your pain.
  4. Darius

    7 years bringing this 68 Coronet R/T back to the streets.

    Awesome ride Brother, DRIVE IT!!!! Try American Auto Appraisers. They will give you an honest appraisal which you can use as proof for agreed upon value when insuring. Cost me $250 I think, or close to that.
  5. Darius

    my 70 barn find

    Keep the faith Karra. Be sure to show this thread to the builder. Have him chime in here. The guys on here will be a great source of moral support. I'm sure it is tough on him, it would be on me if it were my long time friend.
  6. Darius

    The time has finally come‼️

    Beautiful Brother!
  7. Darius

    my 70 barn find

    I'm pulling for you Bro. This car is bad *** and YOU are going to drive it like you stole it, not built it!
  8. Darius

    my 70 barn find

    Eddie Motorsports for the hinges Bro. They are awesome!
  9. Darius

    my 70 barn find

    I LIKE it!!
  10. Darius

    my 70 barn find

    Those hinges are awesome too. I have them and you can't believe how easy the hood raises, lowers, and stays put in any position. They were a bitch to get adjusted correctly because of all the angles on the hood edge and the inner fender fit and angle. We made several shims out of some billet...
  11. Darius

    my 70 barn find

    My wheels are 17x8 with 4 1/2" back space. The fronts clear by appx1/2" when rotating through a complete turn of the wheel. i initially had a slight rub but I simply adjusted the fender stiffening rod that attaches to the frame and it pushed the fender out enough to eliminate that rub. You could...
  12. Darius

    my 70 barn find

    Looking great Brother. You are absolutely going to love that suspension. I have 10,000 miles on my GTX now and every one of them has been noithing but ear to ear smiling happy! Are you going to leave the sway bar on the rear end also?? I am curious about that and I don't believe it would make a...
  13. Darius


    Awesomeness K-Chai!!! Looks like you have a plan, parts, and progress. You should be good with what I see so far. Love your dedication man.
  14. Darius

    My 69 Coronet project

    Are you planning on Hot Aug Nites in Reno?
  15. Darius

    Hawk-Rod: The Restoration

    We didn't do anything dangerous or stupid, but drove our Mopars like they were meant to be - no idling in the slow lane for us! Dennis and I always drive like this, is there any other way??????
  16. Darius

    My 69 Coronet project

    See you tomorrow Rich! Dennis and I are going to Sac CDJR on Fulton after the park for another show.....thinking they need some REAL Mopar Muscle at this event!
  17. Darius

    69 superbee - finally being built!

    Trust me Bro, ain' NUTHIN more painful than passing a kidney stone, however, the hit in your wallet might come close;-) ! Keep pressing on,it is going to be worth it!
  18. Darius

    My 69 Coronet project

    I just sent my registration in for the June4th show in Lincoln, sure hope to see you AND THE CAR there;-)
  19. Darius

    Meaningful "win"

    Yup!!! FASTEST one you ever saw I'll betcha!
  20. Darius

    Meaningful "win"

    Went to a show I typically do not attend....nothing but Chevies and Fords and most of them early sixties and older. This is a participant voting type judging scenario. I won 1st place for 70's Modified class. There were several nicely done cars in this class so I was pleased to see some Mopar Love!