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  1. Darius

    Is this a good deal for a swap?

    I have a 5.7 AND the Nag1 . It sounds great, particularly when I close the cutouts!!!! The performance is trouble free. My only reservation about your "deal" is how many miles there are on that engine. What even got me to start thinking about such a swap...way back in '07....was that I was...
  2. Darius

    Gen 3 Hemi Gauges, Wiring, ABS, TPMS

    As I eluded to in our PM, Just ditch the stock instrument cluster and go with some after market gauges of your choice and wire the car from scratch. You will thank yourself. I say that having TRIED to sort all of that mess out and wasting tons of time and MONEY! You will find all off that ****...
  3. Darius

    tti header question

    My guess would be that they did not work well. The engineer at TTI TOLD me personally that he could not get a set of headers to flow well on a CAR 5.7 into my 70 GTX because the bend(s) were too tight getting around the starter motor. The stater is on the opposite side on a truck motor so I...
  4. Darius

    5.7 Hemi Swap Exhaust Recommendations

    Having not ever looked at a Cherokee set of manifolds, what is the big attraction to them? The manifolds from the stock 5.7 are so short I just don't see how one will gain enough performance by using headers. Maybe if you ported them and polished the interiors they would be a tiny bit better but...
  5. Darius

    5.7 Hemi Swap Exhaust Recommendations

    Mine are the ones that were on the donor '07 Charger I used for the swap.
  6. Darius

    5.7 Hemi Swap Exhaust Recommendations

    I have a 5.7 in my 70 GTX. I talked to the lead engineer at TTI and he said he could NOT get a set of headers to work because the bends were too tight to get around the starter!. I went with the stock manifolds into this... 2 3/4 "pipes into Dynomax VT mufflers. I have since added cutouts as...
  7. Darius

    Best Gen III Hemi and ZF8 Transmission Donor Vehicle for transplant?

    Whatever you pick as a donor, do NOT think it is as simple as moving the entire wire harness over and it all "should work". IF you don't bring the tone rings and speed sensors on the rear axle also it will never work without a stand alone TCM. For that go to SoundGermanEngineering. This is if...
  8. Darius

    Gen III Swaps, Speciality Parts are Easier

    Here is that source and that is my GTX on the home page. https://www.soundgermanautomotive.com/ I started my build in 2008 and by 2013, delay thanks to THAT financial crisis, we were trying to figure this out since we were NOT able to "simply" swap over the wire harness from the donor car. It...
  9. Darius

    New Hemi Swap data

    Every one of your questions is already answered in my build thread. Including after build performance and how much I LOVE IT!!!!!! https://www.forbbodiesonly.com/moparforum/threads/b-body-stiffening.1121/ It may take a minute to read through but there is a LOT of info in the build with more in...
  10. Darius

    Gen 3 Hemi 1/4 mile times VS the stock vintage engines

    Had to modify the cross member and raise the "hump" about 5/8". Look at the pics in my build thread "b Body Stiffening" in the "Resto Mod & Pro Touring" forum on this site.
  11. Darius

    Gen 3 Hemi 1/4 mile times VS the stock vintage engines

    I know you aren't looking for anything BUT the engine but I will post my set up for your info. 5.7, 5 speed Nag1, 294 gear. Body is as stock looking as you can get except for the 17" rims. Ran a 13.777 @ 103.32mph. car weighs 3725 with 1/2 tank and NOTHING else in it. add 195# for my fat ***...
  12. Darius

    anyone doing 06 up suspension swap??

    I have seen a 70 RR with a 392/6speed/Jag rear suspension. Bad ***!!!!! I looked at how tall those rear shock towers are and that is what made me not use that set up. I'm not so sure what other modifications would be required to actually mount it on an existing B Body underside.
  13. Darius

    anyone doing 06 up suspension swap??

    I considered it when I built my GTX but it would have involved a whole bunch of hacking and modifying to the package tray area resulting in a look I did not care for. The newer assemblies might be less bulky, I was using an 07 Charger for a donor. I like the 4 link with the stock 8 3/4 housing.
  14. Darius

    5.7 reliability issues?

    Since 2006 I have owned 6 vehicles with 5.7 Hemis in them PLUS I transplanted an 07 from a Charger with 23k on it ion my 70 GTX. I have not had one single issue with any of these. 4 were work trucks and 2 were/are Chargers. My business partner also had an 06 300 with one and he had no problems.
  15. Darius

    GEN 3 radiator size for Swap?

    I put a 5.7 in my GTX and I used the radiator from the donor 07 Charger. Works fine and has never overheated. It IS hard getting used to the fact these motors run very hot, 205+or-. I double checked this against my '13 Charger with a 5.7 and it runs inn the exact same range as the swap does in...
  16. Darius

    2013 hemi swap

    There are a TON of threads in the member project and pro touring build forums here. Try reading through them and you will get some better answers and possible solutions.
  17. Darius

    5.7 Hemi Engine swap on 70 RR (Project)

    Not trying to hijack this thread but I offer my build thread for those who have not seen it and are anticipating this swap. 5.7/NAG1 plus into a '70 GTX. https://www.forbbodiesonly.com/moparforum/threads/b-body-stiffening.1121/
  18. Darius

    5.7 Hemi Engine swap on 70 RR (Project)

    I have a car 5.7 in my 70 GTX and headers will NOT work. Can't get them astound the starter, I am running the Nag1 5speed auto that came with the engine. I talked to an engineer at TTI and he told me he personally has tried to make a set and he could not make the flow right due to the bends...
  19. Darius

    '70 GTX Hemi Swap

    This was post #18 in this very thread! You are going to love that engine in the GTX. Don't know about how it is with a 3 speed but the NAG1 in mine is awesome. I'm getting hi teens-low20 mpg with my set up. Mine was NO numbers matched anything when I started plus it was a piece of swiss cheese...
  20. Darius

    '70 GTX Hemi Swap

    I came straight off the stock exhaust manifolds and straight back to the x.