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  1. Darius

    Happy new year ! Has anyone restored coronet headlight buckets

    Pm Zack......5.7Hemi.....on this forum. He does this kind of thing if you are looking for someone
  2. Darius

    Just venting my Humble Opinion

    It's just you!
  3. Darius

    opinion on wheels

    I like the spokes, either way. Black makes the Orange pop as mentioned but blasted keeps it old school day 2. The rodlites look too "cheap" for your car!
  4. Darius

    found this site researching new hemi swap!

    What kind of question is that..."if we want to see pictures"....was the last Pope Polish??? Start posting!
  5. Darius

    found this site researching new hemi swap!

    Scroll down on this very forum to "B Body stiffening" thread and you will see 07 Charger disc brakes all aroung on a 70 GTX with an alterktion. You will also see a w5a580 5 speed transmission behind a 5.7 hemi mounted in the same GTX...with detailed pics of how we did it. Have not measured for...