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  1. RGAZ

    The not a meme meme thread

    That is what I call ingenuity...until the welds break.
  2. RGAZ

    Jay Leno in hospital

    I did not see the video, don't know which car he was working on (that was updated after the post.) Working with gasoline requires safety methods to prevent getting burned. I know most backyard mechanics don't care about safety, but I would expect Jay would be more careful and have PPE to...
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    Jay Leno in hospital

    Jay Leno got burned in a gasoline fire in his garage... Enough to be hospitalized. I would hope we all are being safe and not make the rookie move he did. BE safe around gasoline guys (and gals). As a side note, I...
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    Don't just bolt on heads out of the box

    Yeah, that looks like casting sand. It needed to sit on the shaker table post cast longer and it should have spent more time in the cleaning tank post machining. I am a little surprised the assembler did not see the problem. RGAZ
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    Rock Auto Discount code for XMAS! Good til Dec 25th 2022

    Rock Auto Discount code: 5% your order. Good until Dec 25th 2022. 21962624690068749 Put it in the "where did you hear about us" field. RGAZ
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    Proper oil pressure question

    I think he meant nickel-copper like used in custom brake lines. RGAZ
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    Used car advice

    Honda Odyssey minivan. I raised my kids through multiple and they run forever with minimal maintenance. Toyota cars and almost indestructible via mileage (Camry, corolla, avalon) I got lucky with my Mazda 3 going over 200k. Find something about 10 years old with 100K maintenance done and you...
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    New Member from North Carolina

    Welcome from Upstate South Carolina! Its always a good time to buy a Mopar, or two, or three.... RGAZ
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    Rock Auto discount good until Oct 16, 2022

    5% off Rock Auto.. Code: 21361643990068749 Enjoy RGAZ
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    Wheel change on my 70 B5 Roadrunner

    Road wheels are steel with Chrome trim rings and Magnums look similar but are chrome and do not have trim rings because they are polished. From the picture those look like Road wheels with trim rings. RGAZ
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    Older paint is different than modern paints. While I would normally recommend Meguiars fine cut cleaner, I would start with Meguiars #7 polish. It works on older paints by imparting oils back into the paint. Do a search on it and you will find it is pretty much the last real old paint polish...
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    What Are These Hubcaps off of?

    But they sure do look like these.... or 65 Dodge dart Coronet. RGAZ
  13. RGAZ

    What Are These Hubcaps off of?

    My guess is 67 Dodge Dart/Valiant or a-body if they are 13" or 14".
  14. RGAZ

    Hawkrod 'RoadKill' Cross Country Trip 2022

    If you stay in Milwaukee, I recommend Mader's German Restaurant downtown and the small Sprecher Brewery Tour. They have the best Root Beer soda ever! RGAZ
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    1968 RR Field Find Brought Back

    Thanks for posting this. It was excellent. NOTE: The radiator is from a Slant 6 car, probably an A-body. They had the rare inlet and outlet both on passenger side. Lots of them are around since many people ditch them for V8's. RGAZ
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    Coupe or sedan?

    Uh-oh. This is from the Mopar 1972 Plymouth Chassis Manual and it does not agree with your summary post. Note, no use of the word "coupe" or "post". Just 2 door sedan and they did not have frames around the windows (at least my Duster does not). The 69 Plymouth manual below matches. So...
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    Eau de Mouse Piss

    Two things: 1. Natures Miracle. Get it at pet store. 2. Odoban (Clean Linen scent). Get it at Home Depot. Do both, first 1. then 2. The Natures Miracle is an enzyme that will break down the ammonia and uric acids. The odoban is a bactericide/viricide that will permanently kill all secondary...
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    Whats everyone working on?

    Just finished a Timing chain, sprocket and tensioner change for a 06 Mazda 3 S. She was stretched to the max and rattling badly. Now its like new... RGAZ
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    Radiator Support Black Paint

    I use Nason Chassis Black enamel. I like its oil resistance and it hardens well. Oh, and its cheap and easy to HVLP spray. RGAZ
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    Trim clips etc prior to paint

    I agree with what is posted. If you are doing a color-change then much more should be removed and the jamb work is a lot more critical. If you are just going for a re-paint external, the more you take off the better and the quality will show. Personally, if it isn't welded on, I take it off...