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  1. JackpotJim

    Lets see all the cool 66-67 b-body mopar pictures.!!

    Photo after removing 2 years of garage dust that developed during the 512 engine build.
  2. JackpotJim

    66 Coronet with fresh 512 finally finished

    I have about 5 hours on the motor, break in was un-eventful. Ran a series of four 15 minute 3000 rpm run periods in the garage. Been driving it on county roads at about 50 to 60 mph or about 2800-3200 rpm.
  3. JackpotJim

    66 Coronet with fresh 512 finally finished

    4.10 rear gear
  4. JackpotJim

    66 Coronet with fresh 512 finally finished

    Yep, I wonder the same on the electric pump. If i find the correct water pump belt pully I might switch it back. Right now with the 110 amp alt everything is working well.
  5. JackpotJim

    66 Coronet with fresh 512 finally finished

    After spending 21 months putting together a 400-512 power plant for my 66 440 Coronet I have the car back on the street. The 400-512 is a 11.5 to 1 stroker with TF 270's, Howards Cam solid 275, 276 duration 645 lift, TTI 2 1/8 headers and Pro Systems 1050 Dominator. MSD Digital 6 plus with MSD...
  6. JackpotJim

    TTI alignment issues

    Same issue with my right side 3 inch TTI H pipe that bolts to my TTI headers. The right side pipe heads towards my drive shaft. Left side pipe and headers are perfect fit. Plan to bring to muffler shop later this summer. For the price paid I expected better.
  7. JackpotJim

    470 Dyno Day Fun

    Impressive results! Congrats.
  8. JackpotJim

    Hey guys, new to me Drag Car

    Been following on Instagram, Love the color. Let me know when you come up to Brainerd. The Wednesday night test and tune racing is fun and never too crowded.
  9. JackpotJim

    130lb cylinder pressure

    Find a set of 75cc chamber Edelbrock E Street heads. In my opinion, they're just what a lower compression 440 needs.
  10. JackpotJim

    Low deck maxwedge.

    I spoke with Hughes Engines yesterday and the Indy low deck, MW, 4500 carb base intake manifold has not been in stock since early last winter and they show no future shipping date. Not a lot of good options for manifolds.
  11. JackpotJim

    Low deck maxwedge.

    I'm in the middle of opening up a Trick Flow Track Heat intake to match my TF 270 heads. Looks like it can be done but there is not much meat left on top of the runners. It will probably work but if your working with heads or a block that have been decked it might be a problem. I tried to buy a...
  12. JackpotJim

    Intake manifold repair - chips!

    Don't use any 2 part epoxy without knowing it's heat tolerance, Most 2 part liquid base epoxies basically become goo above 400 degrees. The 2 part epoxy putties (in the tube) don't respond well to gas or oil, your high temp gasket sealer will take care of pits in the heads or manifold's...
  13. JackpotJim

    512 Stroker External Oil system question.

    I'm using a single line external oiling set up on my 512-400 stroker with a 21215 Milodon oil pump cover. In the Milodon single line kit that is back ordered from Milodon right now the 12an line is very short and runs in a straight line directly from oil pan to oil pump cover. Since I'm...
  14. JackpotJim

    Whats next?, 400Block

    I'm in the middle of a 400-512 build, went with a 440 Source kit, .035 over, 11.5 CR which I can raise or lower the CR with thinner or thicker head gasket. 270 TF heads, I have 2 cams and haven't decided which cam set up I'll go with yet. One is a Howard's solid with 260, 264 duration and about...
  15. JackpotJim

    1968 Coronet R/T 512 engine build

    Hang in there, Anyone that runs or owns a road bike knows you do your best thinking and problem solving on those long runs or rides. I'm sure things will work out.
  16. JackpotJim

    Major Surgery / Update

    I agree, Beautiful build. Christmas night is always special in County lock up. Domino's Pizza & Movie night. LOL
  17. JackpotJim

    Carb choice for Street-Strip 512

    Thanks for posting all your car info, Helps a lot. Motor set up is pretty similar to mine. Where did you buy the fiberglass bumpers? Thought about replacing my front with a glass one.
  18. JackpotJim

    Carb choice for Street-Strip 512

    Thanks for the info, Sounds like a 1050 is the way to go. My car sees limited street use and I live in a small town with little traffic except on summer weekends. Thanks again to everyone!
  19. JackpotJim

    1966 Transmission Identification

    I have a 66 727 sitting in my shop if you need to compare anything. 66 does have the different 19 spline input shaft.
  20. JackpotJim

    Pulled the trigger on some new equipment......

    Congrats, Great looking trailer.