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    DESPERATELY Need Help: '73 Satellite Key Cylinder Removal

    Lost key. Storage building sold. Mother entering Dementia and need to get cars moved out of storage and back to handle some family care ASAP. Thought I had prepped well. Watched several videos about this process and read several forum threads on it. Of course, mine is not working like all the...
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    FOR SALE 1973 PETTY BASIN BLUE Satellite Daily Driver Capable LOOKER!

    I HOPE this format for reposting this ad I made last summer is okay. I'm not super tech savvy, and it took me a long time to write this last ad, so hoping just sharing the link to the former ad is okay. 1973 Satellite 318, AT Appears to be original color (I don't know the code stuff well)...
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    FOR SALE Basin Blue, Baby! '73 V8 Satellite Survivor Style

    1973 Plymouth Satellite 318, AT, Pretty sure all original 92K thought to be original. Mainly parked inside last 20 or so years in Wisconsin Drives well currently-daily driver well, IMO, though bringing her back to life has brought out a few pinholes in top flat of radiator and in transmission...