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  1. gkent

    WTF ?!?!?

    So I start a post about a trip to Costco and a book entitled "The Art of War" and I make reference to Putin's invasion of The Ukraine and it gets deleted "Your thread On a trip to Costco ... was deleted. Reason: No political references in General discussion. Today at 2:38 AM" How the fuck...
  2. gkent

    Automotive paint in Niagara Falls/Buffalo area ??

    Looking for a paint supplier in the NF/Buffalo area who mixes automotive paint and (possibly) still carries lacquer.
  3. gkent

    3-speed wiper switch resistor value ??

    Can anyone tell me the specs for the 3-speed wiper switch resistor - the square one on the side of the switch. Have a good switch but the wires seem to have corroded so deep into the resistor that I can't get meter probes in there to check it. These types of resistors are readily available, just...
  4. gkent

    Paypal bullshit

    Sold some parts to a person and they paid by Paypal - at my request. I got an email from Paypal saying they (Paypal) are withholding the funds until I submit a tracking number (did that) and then wait till the goods are delivered. This is PURE BULLSHIT. The parts are going to the US from...
  5. gkent

    FOR SALE 440Source fluid damper - NEW

    Brand new 440Source fluid damper - chrome. Installed on crank but never run. This is a good fit on the crank - presses on and off with no slop. $135. Can bring to Carlisle on Friday/Saturday or I can ship from there
  6. gkent

    FOR SALE Rear Crossmember Reinforcement - 68-70 Dodge Plymouth B-Body (Except Charger)

    Brand new (was able to salvage the originals) Rear Crossmember Reinforcement - 68-70 Dodge Plymouth B-Body (Except Charger) Left 871-1468-2L and Right 871-1468-2R $60 for the pair. Can bring to Carlisle or ship from there.
  7. gkent

    WTB WTB '69 Plymouth B-body trunk lid

    Looking for a decent '69 B-body trunk lid. Would like to pick up in Carlisle. PM with what you have and price.
  8. gkent

    Good news and bad news

    So after roughly a three year wait for one of four reputable paint and bodymen to take on my '69 'Runner, I finally got an email on Monday that my preferred choice will take my car the first week of May. That's the good news. This morning we got a call from a friend we'd visited over the...
  9. gkent

    Now THIS is a house

    Garage with a two bedroom apartment above. Garage is 3,000 square feet and the apartment above is 1,500 square feet. Lot size is 300 feet wide and 300 feet deep. No price given.
  10. gkent

    Gen III Hemi tick - also a good explanation of HV vs HP oil pumps in general

    I don't own a Gen III hemi but I found this interesting anyway
  11. gkent

    money for crack

    When I see a dozen or so ads all listing nickel and dime **** by a single poster I get a strong feeling they need money for crack.
  12. gkent

    FOR SALE Mopar Performance offset dowels P4120383

    Mopar Performance offset dowels P4120383. Have .014" and .021". $20 plus the ride from Canada. Paypal works. Unlike aftermarket 1/2" dowels, these will fit your block without extra machining or cracking the block !!
  13. gkent

    feedback ??

    How do you post feedback about a member you've dealt with ??
  14. gkent

    WTB WTB - need a headlight bucket for '69 B-body

    I need the left HiLo headlight bucket for a '69 B-body Plymouth. These are stamped and the one I need is stamped HiLo-5-LT889. They may be the same on '68 and '70 and maybe Dodges as well - not sure. Must be in decent shape - no rot or major pitting. Only need the one bucket - no ring, etc.
  15. gkent

    '69 B-body m/c backing plate ??

    Which backing plate is for manual brakes, the one with the round hole or the one with the odd shaped hole?
  16. gkent

    WTB Weld on speedo cable clip

    Who sells the speedo cable clip that gets welded to the underside of the floor - 69 B-body?
  17. gkent

    Christmas rant

    For those of you who are placing Christmas lights / decorations in your garden/front lawn, can you please avoid anything that has Red or Blue flashing lights together? Every time I come around the corner, I think it's the police and I have a panic attack. I have to brake hard, toss my wine out...
  18. gkent

    WTB 68-70 B-body door parts

    I'm looking for the brackets in the photo. These go inside the doors on 68-70 b-bodies. These ones are from a '69 Plymouth but I suspect all 68-70 b-bodies will be the same. PM or email [email protected]
  19. gkent

    No Canucks at Mopars at Carlisle

    Well ya won't be seeing any Canucks at Mopars at Carlisle. Borders won't be open till at least a week later ... maybe !
  20. gkent

    Crank dampener ??

    I bought a crank dampener from a member on here last year. He apparently had overstock from manufacturing them. The unit has two detachable weights in it and my questions are: 1) on an internally balanced motor, do you use any or all of the weights and 2) is the piece neutral balanced? The end...