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  1. hanks73340

    Rust Valley Resto

    Has anyone watched this show and what's your take on these characters. For me it is entertaining to see what Mike Hall has sitting in his Field of Dreams of cars. I know he tries to restore cars to be able to sell them affordably for everyone but it seems they do restorations on the cheap and...
  2. hanks73340

    Mopars found on Private Property

    These types of finds drive me nuts!:BangHead: How long will most of this just sit out in the elements til they are of no use.
  3. hanks73340

    2022 Detroit Autorama Pics

    After 2 years of being cancelled due to Crud19, finally got to the Autorama. In all honesty I was somewhat disappointed. They are giving more floor space to the Rice Burners, The Dub groups and the Modern Muscle Modified classes. 3/4's of the cars seemed to be GM and Ford. Oh well, none the less...
  4. hanks73340

    2022 Detroit Autorama.......Finally

    After cancelling the past 2 years because of the Crud-19, it's finally back. Always look forward to this event because of the great vehicles competing for the Riddler Award and the crazy monies that go into these cars, and of course, the many daily drivers that participate in this event. :thumbsup:
  5. hanks73340

    All Mopar Swap Meet

    For all you folks within the Great Lakes area. Great swap meet:thumbsup:
  6. hanks73340

    1971 Dodge Charger Hemi 4spd (Not Mine)

    Wouldn't mind having this one. Already at 100k, 6 days left on this to bid. BRING A TRAILER LINK
  7. hanks73340


    Heard a lot about this product. Never have used it. Wondering if it's worth trying. What's your opinion on this product and how to use it other than pouring into the gas tank. Thanks
  8. hanks73340

    Settle a Bet

    Have a bet going.........did Chrysler Plymouth division build a 1969 Satellite convertible with the Hemi 426?
  9. hanks73340

    2021 Frankenmuth Autofest

    For me this is the premier show of the season here in Michigan. Usually over 3k classics attend this event. Being the year after C19, everyone was kind of concerned about the people coming again with their cars. Well......They had over 2400 show up. The crowd that was definitely missing, was our...
  10. hanks73340

    Back To The Bricks in Flint Michigan Today

    I don't do the Woodward Dream cruise here in Michigan. I prefer going to Flint for the Back to the Bricks show. They shut down downtown Flint to all traffic and park the classics on the main street which is Saginaw Street for about 2-3 miles and they also use all of the side streets. This show...
  11. hanks73340

    Charlie Hughes

    Your Inbox is full. Please clean. Thanks
  12. hanks73340

    Our Monday Night Cruis-In Pics

    This past Monday we had over 200 cars again.
  13. hanks73340

    Finally, A Swap Meet and Car Show worthy of attending

    It's been over a year since the shutdowns but went to this swap and show which was very nice. Bought a few items at the swap and then chatted a bit with some fellow club members at the show portion. Mopars were well represented. Came across a Swinger which is not seen often in these parts...
  14. hanks73340

    Gold Membership

    Just want to thank whoever got me to this level. Just realized it today. Thank you very much.
  15. hanks73340

    FOR SALE NOT MINE - 69 Charger R/T

    Not much on the description or updates, just a price.
  16. hanks73340

    MCACN 2020 Brothers Collection

    Hope everyone enjoys viewing this video. Awesome collection of muscle cars and many Mopars included.
  17. hanks73340

    Barn Find 68 Charger

    Anyone see this video on the C Bodies site. Awesome find and even the cat was locked in there for 30 years. (13) locked away for 30 years...amazing survivor condition 1968 Dodge Charger find - YouTube
  18. hanks73340

    Rust Valley Restorers

    Anyone watch this show on Netflix? Whats your opinion of this show. Have watched 1st season and now into the 2nd season. Don't know why, but I seem to keep coming back to it. Maybe it's Avery's cackling stupid laugh. Didn't know there were so many classic car junkyards in that part of Canada.
  19. hanks73340

    Another 200+ cars at our Cruise-in

    219 cars in all. The usual suspects and then some really nice ones.
  20. hanks73340

    Our Local Cruise Night

    We hit over 200 cars again. Every Monday is our club cruise night. Mopars are well represented.