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    New Hemi Block from Jason Line

    Just seen this on Facebook. I think it's the old BullDog casting. From what I've read, Wescott has them in stock. I'd be curious what other configurations you can get it in. I'm sure it's not cheap... right now there is no such thing as a cheap block.
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    FOR SALE Weld Drag Lite GT 15X3.5 / 15X8

    2-15x3.1/2 5-4.1/2 bolt circle wheels have been mounted and used. comes with valve stem 2 15x8 5-4 1/2 bolt circle 4 1/2 in back space new in box never mounted. These rims date back to the mid 80's and are based off of the Weld Drag Lites except they only have 5 wholes instead of 8. $400.00...
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    Attention Hemi Super Stock Racers!!! Free entry for the 1st 25 Hemi SS cars that register for this event! SIGN-UP INFORMATION: To sign-up for this offer please send an email to: [email protected] We are pleased to announce that not only do we have sponsors for the Hemi Super Stock class at...
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    NHRA Channel on ROKU

    Has anyone been watching NHRA channel on Rouku? Man it's awesome! They have been showing races from the 50's, 60's 70's and 80's all the way through to 2019.. I turn it off when it get's to the late 1990's...Man I miss the days of dry hops, Pro Stock, and Funny Cars actually look like the...
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    Best Sunglasses for Racing

    I was thinking about getting a pair of Sunglasses for when I'm racing. What color lenses are you guys using? Thanks Kevin
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    I can't believe no one has even mentioned the Mopar Nationals yet this weekend.
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    Gasser Madness - Rock N Race at Dragway 42

    Anyone with a Nostalgia pre 1972 car in the Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania & WV area really needs to check this race out next year. It's put on by Gasser Madness, what a really fun event! It reminded me of the good old days when the racing was great and the night life was just a great...
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    Question about running Tubes

    I never ran tubes before. When installing the tubes.... Baby Powder or no Baby Powder? I'll be taking them to a auto repair shop to have them put on... but he's a sprint car racer so slicks just confuse him because both rear tires are the same size LOL. :lol: Thanks
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    Front Break Line Pressure

    What is the ideal front Break Line Pressure for a Mid 60's Nostalgia S/S car. Right now mine is 550 on the right and 600 on the left. Not sure what the ideal pressure on the front should be. I didn't play around with the proportioning valve yet because I'm not sure what PSI I want on the front...
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    We lost another legend. A little side note not a lot of people know. Bob was the Head Engine Builder at Petty Enterprises from 1991-1994. He also was an engine...
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    Cometic Head Gasket Question

    Question, How many times can I crush a Cometic Multi Layer Steel head gasket using Copper Spray Gasket. We've run into some issues and I'm up to about 4 or 5 now. Thanks!
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    Tire and Rim opinion

    Since I can't get a 4.30 gear. I may have to change tires. Right now I'm running Phoenix 29.5x10.5-15with 10" Rims Has anyone run 31X10.5 - 15's with 10" Rims? Phoenix recommends 12" The section width goes from 13.0 to 14.7 Or I could put a 4.11 gear in the car and use a 28" tall tire.
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    Class Racing Today Pod Cast with Bill Bader

    Not sure if anyone has seen this. Bill Bader is by far the premier promoter in the country. Anyone who has ever run at Norwalk will agree. It's a hour and a half long but well worth the watch.
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    So I watched the NMCA race in Florida this weekend. I can't believe they ran 17 classes through today. and looking at their web 17 is a light weekend. I have to give them credit, they were calling the finals around 5pm this after noon. But isn't 17 or 18 classes a little much?
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    RIP Mr. Norm

    Norm Kraus Death – Dead, Obituary, Funeral, Cause Of Death, Passed Away: On February 27, 2021, InsideEko Media learned about the death of Norm Kraus through social media publications made on Twitter. InsideEko is yet to confirm Norm Kraus’s cause of death as no health issues, accident or...
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    65 B-Body door hing pictures

    Would anyone happen to have a picture of the top door hing for a 65 Coronet / Bel. I need to rebuild mine and the C-Spring and Rollers are missing so I need a good picture to see how they go together. I looked in my 1965 Plymouth dealer manual and of course it shows pictures of everything but...
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    How many runs on your PAC valve springs

    How many passes are you getting out of your PAC valve Springs? I have pac-1347 triple springs with 80 passes on them running a 800-785 cam. Was thinking about going with a smaller cam 733-700 and was contemplating running these springs if they all check out okay. Thanks
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    Rod Bolt Stretching

    What kind of wrench are you using? I was going to weld a 7/16 socket to a long bar. This way I have leverage yet the stretch gauge can still fit through to the bolt. OR am I over thinking it. lol
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    Nostalgia Super Stock / Mopar Races

    So where are all of the Nostalgia and Mopar Races this summer? Been looking in the Pennsylvania - Ohio area and they are getting pretty thin. Monster Mopar - Norwalk Buckeye Stock Super Stock Beaver Springs Nostalgia Nationals NMCA Nowalk & Indy PID - Keystone Nostalgia Race Milan Nostalgia...