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  1. kokxville

    Anyone in the newberg Oregon area who wants to help?

    Hi guys, I have a question: i'm looking at this 1977 Dodge D100 i would like to buy for a while now . The seller needs cash in hand. Because i'm in the netherlands i'm not able to go there and do the...
  2. kokxville

    WTB green tinted passenger door window 1972 satellite/gtx/rr

    Mine is broken.:( If you have one and want to sell it please shoot me a pm.:thumbsup: Thank you. John
  3. kokxville

    WTB Aluminum Big block cilinder heads

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a good pair of aluminum cilinderheads for my 440. A used pair will be fine too as long as they are good. The pistons are a flat top piston with a compression height of 1.969.I have a comp cams CL21-215-4 camshaft ( intake duration at 050 inch lift 218 and exhaust...
  4. kokxville

    WTB Wanted 1966-67 Coronet parts

    Hi Guys, i'm looking for the following parts for a 1967 coronet 2 door but i think a 66 will also do the job. Maybe 1966 or 1967 Plymouth parts too. Not sure but i hope you guys know this. Front seat/bench Rear bench Heater core ( Non AC ) Driveshaft Big block setup Shifter with linkage ( floor...
  5. kokxville

    72 Satellite body swap on 2011 Challenger RT

    Ok guys, i've bought a 1972 Satellite with a 400 bigblock that has a lot of patina and runs out of a gascan. It needs only a few holes patched but everything else is a solid base. The interior is toast. I'va also have this 2011 Challenger rt 5.7 with a seized engine. But everything else is in...
  6. kokxville

    727 BB transmission shifter linkage question

    Hi all, i hope you can help me out a bit here. I have a 65 Coronet wagon here and it has the original cable shifter in it. The transmission is from a 1970 model year with a shifter mechanism. Is there any conversion kit available to make this work? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks. John
  7. kokxville

    Buyer be aware Scott Marlow WBR Im/Export from Sugar Land Tx

    A few months ago he sent me a message if he could help me out with parts or cars. I've done business with him 4 years ago and in the meantime his business partner has passed away.( he told me ) At this point i was just about looking for some stuff so offcourse i gave hime my business. I needed 3...
  8. kokxville

    WTB 1969 satellite parts

    Hello guys, i'm looking for some parts to finish my 69 Satellite and maybe you can help me out here. Driversside turn signal light ( housing with lense complete ) Driversside front fender stainless steel moulding between wheelwell and bumper Driversside front orange sidemarker lense...
  9. kokxville

    WTB holley street dominator 440

    If anyone has a good used one laying around and want to sell it,please shoot me a pm with your price. Thanks
  10. kokxville

    WTB edelbrock ias #34840 or #33413 front shocks for 69 charger

    I have brand new ones on the back.Now i'm looking for a set of fronts.I prefer the redons,not the classic grey's. They are not available anymore,but maybe someone has a nice set lating around and wants to sell them. If you have anything,please send me a pm. Thanks.:icon_smile:
  11. kokxville

    Upper stainless windshield trim 1966 belvedere

    Does anyone have one laying around somewhere?My car was complete,exept this piece of trim is missing. And if someone has one,can you ship it to the netherlands? Please let me know if anyone kan help me. Thanks. John
  12. kokxville

    New guy intoducing

    Hey guys, I'm John from the netherlands and just found out this awesome site. I have a b5 blue 1970 charger 500 383 2bb white interiour and vinyltop lwich i'm restoring form scratch with lots of "under the skin"mods.I've had a 1969 Coronet 440 2 door 383 wich i unfortunatly sold a couple of...