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    Might fly for the first time since 1978. Advice?

    Might be getting a puppy 1,300 miles away in Dayton. The flight would have an hour and a half layover in Chicago. I was thinking of renting a small car and driving, but it looks like flying would be the same cost, possibly done in one day. Haven't flown since the late 70's, what's it like?
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    Nothing beats a good Stiffy

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    Dodge Pickups & Trucks at auction in Sidney,Neb. not mine
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    Gas Monkey Garage- Sturgis

    Two years later, the long time family owned garage is shuttered. Guess the expensive sculpture didn't bring in the business like Richard thought it would.
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    WTB WTB AVO VCM 163 Tube Tester

    Need a tester for my Rectifiers. Or someone I can pay to test them for me.
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    Few old Mopars in Winnoa MN Oct 7. not mine
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    airplane engine at model show

    sorry, couldn't make it work
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    '33 Plymouth Coupe w/foreign parts in Custer City, SD. not mine
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    1979 dodge lil red express with a "factory" 440 Denver CL not mint

    Never. heard of one, so I googled it and found this:
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    1969 Charger on eBay not mine
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    Fuel Bowl Vent Levers

    My '70 center carb vent lever is different than a friend's. Mine is short and his is tall. Is there a difference in the bases I can't see? Why the difference, and would they be interchangeable? Chicago carbs shows only one (short) available.
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    Spiders everywhere

    The neighbor had an exterminator spray her yard, so it's not just my hovel that was invaded. They were in the house, shop, and yard. I have been here for many years and never had a problem with spiders. I hate the feel of spider webs on me. Went into the furnace room and... damn. She spent...
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    Dart 340 at auction 9/11 Deadwood SD not mine
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    Machining Cast Aluminum with an end grinder

    I'm shaping some 1/4 inch thick cast aluminum. No idea of its composition. My problem is: the carbide burr, (sc-3nf 1/4x3/8x3/4x2) packs full of material quickly. Is there a way to prevent this? A technique? A faster way to dig out the cutters? I'm spending more time digging than grinding
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    Pickup at auction in Gillette Wyo.

    Needs a little work
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    Has anybody been banned on FBBO?

    I got banned last week. I responded politically on the General Forum and it was my mistake as I responded to a post that was political in nature without realizing where it was posted. The post I replied to was political, so I never thought to look. Lesson learned. Then I got banned again...
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    26,000 mile Hemi Coronet 1966 in Deadwood not mine

    UPDATE: SOLD 65K This car has changed hands a few times, or else it has reserves and it's still the same seller. I watched it sell at this sale last year for $55K
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    Super Parvo in N. Michigan

    They recommend staying at home. They don't know what it is or how it spreads.,7427?mibextid=tv9c0b&fbclid=IwAR3nezrR4InSY1yn2nGunehoTuLp-cDwKULT5i855rrSs6cvWDmIFnGM6oc#.YwMzDpAlm21.facebook
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    Ever seen the Northern Lights

    I took a trip North as saw the Lights for the first time in the 90's. I felt small yet connected. We just had some solar storms and I always wonder if it will be a big one. They say the storms excite the atmosphere...
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    Heat riser differences

    Bought a pair of 68-70 HP manifolds. The heat riser is intact except for the weight. There appears to be at least two different weights for that time period, maybe more, but that's what you get doing research on eBay. Just curious about why the difference. Can earlier or later...