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  1. fbs63

    FOR SALE A,B and E body 2" dropped spindles.

    2" dropped front spindles. Fit B,E and Large ball joint A bodies. Disc brake. Mocked up on car but never driven on. Built custom billet spindles is the reason for sale. $450 shipped. Located in Lowell, IN. PM me if interested.
  2. fbs63

    FOR SALE A,B and E body 2" drop spindles.

    2" Dropped spindles. Fit B,E and large ball joint A bodies. Disc brake spindles. Mocked up but never driven on. $450 shipped in the lower 48. Located in Lowell, Indiana PM me here.
  3. fbs63

    Anyone out there ever made a single headlight grill for the 1963 B body cars ??

    A friend had one in a 63 Dodge 330. Just looked odd to me. Have never seen one in a Plymouth. You would have to section and splice the headlight bezels and the grill to make one. Not an easy feat.
  4. fbs63

    Abuse Limits Of Steelies and 1/2" Studs

    Look up Bogart wheels Steelie Dan wheel.
  5. fbs63

    Some new to work on 70 RR

    Have a 63 Dodge race car project I'll trade ya for it.
  6. fbs63

    Roller Lifter ID Help

    Older Isky.
  7. fbs63

    Glass doors for a 63 Belvy

    There are some for sale on this site. Says for a 64 Dodge but they are the same. In Mopar Performance parts for sale.
  8. fbs63

    Stage VI Max Wedge rocker question

    Stanke Performance makes a very nice set that are DLC coated.
  9. fbs63

    Patch panel - what next?

    I've learned to cool with the air hose and a blow gun as I go. Eliminates warping. Also it's a good idea to sandblast any welded areas that are not ground down. IE spot welds or plug welds. The heat from the weld makes the weld rust instantly.
  10. fbs63

    1963 Dodge floor

    There is a complete set of AMD floor pans for sale on under 70-down B-body parts for sale.
  11. fbs63

    Deck height with Max Wedge intake ?

    Since its a new build run thick head gaskets and get pistons made to be out of the hole. Simple.
  12. fbs63

    Trans Brake for Push Button Torqueflite ???

    CRT, A&A and Keith Long (727specialist) all have push button trans brake valve bodies available.
  13. fbs63

    Name a movie they couldn't make today.

    Smoky and the Bandit.
  14. fbs63

    Ramchargers Magniesium Dana 60

    I wish someone would cast these in aluminum.
  15. fbs63

    Wiper arms are not available for my car

    I have 3 63 Dodge wiper arms if anyone needs them.
  16. fbs63

    How important is numbers matching to you?

    My personal opinion is if its a TRUE survivor its numbers matching. After its taken apart for mods or whatever ICGAF! The car is a shell with a drivetrain. It has no soul. It doesn't know the difference. Long as it has the correct equipment it came with its original to me.
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    Mopar of the Day

    Friends GTX.
  18. fbs63

    WTB 1963 Dodge Polara HL Bezel

    Your best bet is to buy a pair of reproduction ones from Bill at Special T's. They are exact reproductions and are correctly anodized. Finding a single restorable core is a needle in a haystack search.