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  1. Hotrod20

    WTB WTB- 68 Coroner R/T or 69 Supebee project

    Looking for a complete 68 Coronet R/T driver or roller or 69 Superbee driver or roller Prefer one needing a little work, not a basket case and not a showcar. Looking for the right car. Thanks HotRod20
  2. Hotrod20

    WTB WTB- 68 or 69 WM Superbee Driver : no trailer queens

    Searching for the right driver Superbee. 383, Automatic, No A/C. Non-numbers is ok. N-96 a bonus, but not a deal breaker. Must have data plate or broadcast sheet,... either one. Must run and drive, with title, no projects. Let me know what you have and ready to send to a new mopar home. It will...
  3. Hotrod20

    1970 FC7 satellite convertible restoration

    Yes sir, I must tip my hat to your ambition. Id save a real FC7 car myself and a convert yet! :) Great job so far.:thumbsup: HotRod20
  4. Hotrod20

    SOLD Restored 4 speed 70 bee

    I was looking for the A/C hookup on the firewall. It was hard to read the H51 on the tag pic you have up. Just wanted to confirm that option. thanks. HotRod20
  5. Hotrod20

    SOLD Restored 4 speed 70 bee

    Engine compartment pictures please?
  6. Hotrod20

    SOLD 1972 # 3574 624 Radiator B & E body max cooling (N51) or with A/C

    If you want a shipping quote I'll need a complete address for a business or residence address and you must specify which. I'll have to box it up,and that could take a couple days. PM me your address Let me know. Thanks
  7. Hotrod20

    SOLD 1969 B Body K Frame

    Yes it is Hotrod20
  8. Hotrod20

    SOLD #742 Case 3:23 ring & Pinion factory parts excellent used

    3:23 ring and pinion for #742 case 8 3/4 center section. Dated 1-6-1968. No damage, quiet and clean gears, just pulled from 742 case. $55.00 for the set plus $21.50 for large flat rate USPS shipping lower 48 states. No paypal. Check or money order only. HotRod20
  9. Hotrod20

    SOLD 1969 440 HP bare Block and parts for sale

    Coop you never replied, so everythin pictured in this ad SOLD at Carlisle. Thanks for your interest HR20
  10. Hotrod20

    SOLD 1969 B Body K Frame

    Bottom side of K Frame
  11. Hotrod20

    SOLD 1969 B Body K Frame

    I can get a pic of the bottom.
  12. Hotrod20

    SOLD 1969 B Body K Frame

    B Body big block K Frame Dated 069 9 1. 69th day of 1969. $200.00 and can deliver to Carlisle if prepaid. Will not ship this part. HotRod20
  13. Hotrod20

    SOLD 1969 jack for B body

    Jack assy for B Body with # 116 Hook. What you see is what you get. Do not have the post base. Comes with everything you see. $100.00. Can deliver to Carlisle if pre paid, or will ship to lower 48 states. Postal Money Order, or Bank Cashiers Check only. No Pay pal. Hotrod20
  14. Hotrod20

    SOLD 1972 # 3574 624 Radiator B & E body max cooling (N51) or with A/C

    1972 Radiator for B & E body 26" with max cooling N51 option, or with A/C. # 3574 624 dated 233 1 August 21,1971. This is a 3 row 26" radiator for 318, or 340. $200.00 and can deliver to Carlisle. Can ship to lower 48,+ plus shipping but it wont be cheap. HotRod20
  15. Hotrod20

    SOLD Original factory #402 Big Block oil pan

    Excellent shape. # 402 pan. Dent free and straight pan rails. Factory pan NOT a Chinese reproduction. See the pics with the welds and baffles. Very slight storage rust.Will clean up with a scotchbrite pad and metal prep, or, lightly sandblast to your liking. Can deliver to Carlisle if pre paid...
  16. Hotrod20

    SOLD Six Pack Carb #4392 Restored by Bill Overcash

    #4392 Six Pack Automatic carburetor for A12 cars dated 155 9. Restored in 2019 by the late Bill Overcash, and shrink wrapped until taken out for pictures. Never on a car after the restoration. Free Delivery to Carlisle if prepaid, or will ship to lower 48 plus shipping costs. Postal Money Order...
  17. Hotrod20

    SOLD 1970 Dana 60 Posi Unit 35 spline with bearings

    1970 Dana 60 Posi carrier unit 35 spline with bearings. Worked when pulled out many years ago. Carrier is dated 7-16-69. $300.00 and free delivery to Carlisle if prepaid. Otherwise plus shipping to lower 48. Postal Money Order or Bank Cashiers check only.No Paypal.Can provide additional pictures...