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  1. C_B5

    SOLD 1971-72 NOS 383 Magnum Power Bulge Hood Emblem

    What is the part # cast on the back of the emblem ? That way can confirm correct year(s) / model(s) used.
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    FOUND 70 Superbee

    Have a drivers side taillight bezel available PM Sent
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    FOR SALE 1970 Plymouth Grille Mount Clips

    Plastic Grille Mounting Clips for: 1970 Plymouth 1970-72 A-bodies 1 package (total 5) - brand new from AMS Obsolete parts Several original clips (6) with the special steel inserts and screws Package of new clips $20.00 ALL (new and used original) $25.00 Shipped
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    FOR SALE 1970 Coronet Grille Emblem

    Original "DODGE" nameplate grille emblem used on all 1970 Coronet models including Super Bee and R/T. Part # 2998060 Nice used condition, both mounting studs intact. $20.00 Shipped
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    Looking for transport from Northeast OH area to Seattle or Portland area

    Thanks for the lead! Member on Moparts from the beginning but don't go on the site much anymore.
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    Looking for transport from Northeast OH area to Seattle or Portland area

    MCACN show is this weekend. Checking to see if anyone is attending from the Seattle or Portland area that could haul back a benchseat. Send me a PM
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    SOLD Headlight Switches - USED

    Tommy White - Check you PM's
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    SOLD Headlight Switches - USED

    Used Headlight switches. All in good condition Total of three headlight switches > 2947763 (one) > 2947938 (two) Even though different part numbers all have the SAME 4-prong connecter arrangement. Correct for 1970 B-bodies w/o rallye dash and 1970-71 C-bodies. All 3 switches $50.00 Includes...
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    SOLD NOS Headlight Switch 2947763

    NOS Headlight Switch - Part # 2947763 Brand new in original mopar box. Rocker style switch w/ satin finish on knob. Correct for 1970 B-bodies w/o rallye dash. Also fits 70-71 C-bodies. May interchange with other years as mopar superseded / replaced switches with other parts. The switch itself...
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    SOLD 1970 Roadrunner Taillight Covers

    Pair of plastic Taillight Covers that mount inside trunk to back of taillight housing Often cracked or missing part. Correct for 1970 Roadrunner / Superbird / Satellite models. These are reproductions, high quality made in the USA, Correct details including part number molded into plastic...
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    Looking for transport from Northeast OH area to Seattle or Portland area

    Another option is to meet in the Chicago area at MCACN to drop off the benchseat. Any west coast members making the trip to this years MCACN show ?
  12. C_B5

    Looking for transport from Northeast OH area to Seattle or Portland area

    I have a front bench seat that someone on the west coast is interested in purchasing. Looking for someone that might be making a trip that could haul the seat out to the Seattle or Portland area. Good way to get a little extra gas money for your trip ! I am open to meet somewhere along any...
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    FOR SALE Smallblock Waterpump Pulley

    Smallblock Waterpump Pulley. Part # 3418227 stamped on pulley. Correct for smallblock engines with A/C. Pulley was blasted and powdercoated with semi-gloss black. Excellent condition. $50.00 includes shipping. Or TRADE for smallblock waterpump pulley Non A/C
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    push button trans

    The PB transmissions have the part # stamped in the same place as other transmissions. The part # should be stamped on the lower rail above the pan on the Drivers side. If you provide the part# can assist you with ID on the trans. Also sent a PM.
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    WOM are the SAME / interchange on both 1968 and 1969 Dodge Coronet (Superbee, 500 and R/T models) Note- the Coronet 440 models use a different WOM Here are the part numbers hope this helps to ID WOM Part #'s for both years: Front: 2932284-5 Rear: 2932112-3
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    SOLD 1970 Coronet SuperBee NOS Taillight Bezel

    Now $225.00 Shipped Will also combine into package deal if interested in the NOS coronet sidemarker bezel. See other post.
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    FOR SALE Dodge Ram Truck - Active Grille Shutters

    Active Grille Shutter unit for 2013 - 2017 Ram Truck Brand New replacement unit. Aftermarket made by Dorman. Part number: 601426 (601-426) Includes original mopar motor that functions. (arm moves but cannot guarantee since its a used motor). These grilles were installed into my truck but not...
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    WTB good 57 plymouth p/s box

    There’s also a company that makes power steering conversion kits for 1957-61 mopars called YouTurn1. Here’s a link over to the FL forum where the owner posted info about the kits. Viewing a thread - Power steering conversion kits.
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    FOR SALE 1970 Coronet NOS Sidemarker Bezel

    Price Now $155.00 includes shipping in USA
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    WTB 61 Dodge polara

    There’s a 61 Polara 4-door with cross-ram induction listed for sale on Hemmings. Link to add: