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  1. gtx6970

    Silver touch up paint for dash bezels etc.

    same here, just did on last week. just dont handle it much or it will dull down But, if that happens go over it again
  2. gtx6970

    I know this is a long shot. But have to ask. Would like to find my old 1969 GTX hardtop

    Thanks, I plan to pull some old car files out of the attic here the next few weeks. Maybe just maybe I'll get lucky and fin the vin. Car has been gone for almost 30 years now. And I have NO idea who I had for insurance back then. And for the life of me, I can't remember where it went, how I...
  3. gtx6970

    Fastener guide.

    There are a couple avail but unknown if any apply to a 71 B body try MMC detroit MMC Detroit
  4. gtx6970

    Re-pop throttle cable quality

    personal choice. Look for an original
  5. gtx6970

    A-12 Sold

    I looked at that car. IMO, 120 k was cheap
  6. gtx6970

    Steering column clips.... problem solved.!

    Last I ckd they were still avail thru Mopar BUT,,,,,Its been a few years since i ckd
  7. gtx6970

    Frank from American Pickers

    I met him a few years back at a car show in Cincinnatti Ohio. Super nice guy and seems like a wealth of knowledge
  8. gtx6970

    Anodized trim restore??

    Ive used Special Ts a few times in the past. not the cheapest, or fastest, but I have to say I was never disappointed.
  9. gtx6970

    Differences between 1966 B and Hemi Engine Wire Harnesses

    Which harness are you talking about ? A hemi engine harness is 2 piece. They are split and have a white block connector on the pass side valve cover. It will work, just fine. biggest difference is the coil location
  10. gtx6970

    3.23 or 3.55, this is the question

    Both my cars have a 245-60-15 tire. 383, auto and 3.91s This car is A LOT of fun around town. But hiway driving any measurable distance is NOT fun. 2nd car is hemi auto and a 3.54 Dana. and is noticeably better on the hiway which is surprising with no more difference in the gears that they...
  11. gtx6970

    15x7 Magnum 500's with redlines. Value?

    depends on how old the tires are Ps, I missed a set of four 15x7 rims, caps and lugnuts maybe a month or so ago. $250 for the set . shipping was the deal killer for me though. That said, if tires are recent and no issues I could see $1000 more or less for the pkg. Maybe more if the right...
  12. gtx6970

    1966 Center Console Attachment Points: 4 or 6?

    Yes they do. The plastic portion of the console is the same, just clearanced more to go around the 4 spd hump. Then covered with the carpeted section Same screw locations And for the record..... the console itself is held in with the same exact screws as the windshield washer reservoir.
  13. gtx6970

    Time to load up on Viagra

    Sounds like a WIN - WIN
  14. gtx6970

    1966 Plymouth Satellite HP2

    The engine in mine came form a 66 Coronet with a sbd 3 days ahead pf mine. That car was in a fire but had enough remnants of the decal to show it was there. Dont know the plant the coronet was built Mine was April 5th, Lynch road
  15. gtx6970

    What’s the best company to buy a new turn signal switch?

    Let me talk to him and make sure its ok I give out the number. I'll call him this weekend ps, what are you looking for . I can probably tell you if he has it pm me if preferred
  16. gtx6970

    What’s the best company to buy a new turn signal switch?

    Same guy i bought the car from. He has a warehouse of NOS parts. Car had an nos one installed when car was done approx 2004. But ...i wanted a spare . And as long as I have spares.....ill never need it.
  17. gtx6970

    What’s the best company to buy a new turn signal switch?

    Ive heard enough horror stories about the repop switches. I ponied up and bought an nos one for a spare, Yea,,,that hurt the piggy bank