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  1. SlinktRR

    How to quiet down a stroked 383

    Dynomax super turbos are very quiet, maybe too quiet. My car has 600hp and at idle to 1500rpm the car is pretty mellow driving through the neighborhood. Screams at WOT. I also run an h pipe, I don't think that will have much of an effect on sound volume but if you don't have it and are already...
  2. SlinktRR

    Moving to Texas

    Plow dare they! Arkansas leaves Texas side of shared road covered in snow It's a statewide issue with the lack of winter readiness, Feb 2021 just put an exclamation point on the problem. Even Arkansas gets it right. They've had two years to do something different but here we are again. Can't...
  3. SlinktRR

    Moving to Texas

    I wish that the state of Texas could come up with a plan to deal with winter instead of crowing about how great we are and then not doing anything about it. When I was a kid I remember driving on I-20 during a snow storm and there was a TXDOT truck with a load of sand and two guys shoveling it...
  4. SlinktRR

    FOR SALE 1969 Dodge Dart Swinger - TX - $5000

    Friend is selling a '69 Dart Swinger 2dr HT with a slant 6/auto in B5 blue. NJ car that is now located in Arlington TX. Interior is complete, brakes need work and gauges inoperable but car is driveable. The slant runs very well. Ad here: 1969 Dodge Dart Main problem is body panel rust. Frame...
  5. SlinktRR

    Replacement for displacement?

    I got 9:1 cr for the 383 with the dish. I would run the 383 with a different cam, I would prefer revving a 383 with decent compression vs a motorhome 440.
  6. SlinktRR

    Neat car for sale. 1970 RR convert Not mine

    Someone out if state already has a bead on it using an inspector. Car is in haltom (mid cities DFW).
  7. SlinktRR

    Looking for advice for cold starting 318 engine

    Nice troubleshooting! We've all been there, just have to take one step at a time. If you have an original fuel tank I would try to drain it and clean it first and also check the sending unit for the pickup screen. I had a similar issue with stalling and clogged fuel filters, I got a new tank...
  8. SlinktRR

    Installing my 440?

    I always use a pick plate on the carb pad, either a standard one from summit or the pivot plate from Macs tie downs for angling the engine in without taking the radiator support out. I wouldn't chain under the intake unless it is just being moved across the garage. The Macs makes things a lot...
  9. SlinktRR

    1970 RR air grabber information HELP??

    @RJRENTON can you help on this one? My 1970 n96 solenoid is located near the fusebox on the dash frame, not sure if this is stock location as it's been bypassed for decades on my car. I operate with just the air grabber switch but have been thinking about getting an aftermarket solenoid to get...
  10. SlinktRR

    Rte voltage limiter

    Best money I spent on my car is the limiter from rte.
  11. SlinktRR

    Neat car for sale. 1970 RR convert Not mine

    Thanks for posting, I'm going to check this out in person! Just down the street from my job.
  12. SlinktRR

    Carb. for a 383 9.8 to 1 compression.

    If you can still find the rev n nator I would use that. It's a really nice ignition box I use it and their coil. The chrome box is my back up and it's very nice as well.
  13. SlinktRR

    Oil pressure gauge options

    I prefer mechanical oil pressure gauge they are generally more accurate, and definitely better than stock. Biggest risk is tube failure and resulting spindletop oil geyser in your car. Take precautions like coiling the tubing if it's copper to prevent a failure from vibration and making sure it...
  14. SlinktRR

    Carb. for a 383 9.8 to 1 compression.

    650cfm is fine but maybe too much jetting and fouled plugs. What is your idle vacuum, what cam. Are you running vacuum advance. I run larger secondary jets than primary for street with a power valve dictated by vacuum but those jet numbers sound too much for a mild 383.
  15. SlinktRR

    Whomp Whomp Whomp noise?

    Check your rear axle bearings. That happened to me last year, whomp whomp sounded like the driveshaft was going to come up through the floorpan. It was the drivers side bearing. Hard to pinpoint by sound.
  16. SlinktRR

    Anyone running a Quick fuel carb on a 440?

    I would go for the q850. I like the newer 4150 clones, currently run a brawler 950 that I got from summit's open box sale (nice to be close to a summit warehouse) on a 499 for street. Starts immediately, runs smooth, good power.
  17. SlinktRR

    Anybody use an Ultrasonic cleaner for rebuilding carburetors?

    Straight solvent is plenty with sonication, methanol (wood alcohol) is easy to source. I used dichloromethane (old carb cleaners contained chlorinated solvents) for an avs but that is more difficult to find and more hazardous to work with.
  18. SlinktRR

    Anybody use an Ultrasonic cleaner for rebuilding carburetors?

    Just clean with the strongest solvent you can find when using ultrasonic baths, the parts have to be completely immersed. Can also add a small amount of acid. We use these in the lab frequently for instrument parts.
  19. SlinktRR

    It wants to stall upon fast braking and on downhill slopes...

    I've seen holley DP's tapped with copper tubing from primary to secondary bowls to equalize fore/aft. but must be something simple, maybe the demon doesnt require float height in the middle of the sight glass I would check the manual.
  20. SlinktRR

    Moving to Texas

    Reagan didn't fix it. Volcker and the federal reserve fixed it by raising rates relentlessly to control inflation. Fast forward to 2022, the pandemic and Ukraine war upending everything, now the fed is trying to use the same playbook. There will be pain, hopefully for all of us it levels off...