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    The TKX utilies a newly designed case which gives a more rounded appearance compared to the older blocky case used in the TKO family. I believe they made a couple internal improvements but the biggest difference is the case... the more rounded case was designed to make it fit a bit easier...
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    1964 dodge polara horn ring

    1964 Polara would have the full horn ring - the 330 and 440 models got the partial ring per the factory information
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    FOR SALE 1963 Factory Bellhousing 361/383

    Listing a 1963 factory BB bellhousing for sale - Casting number 2406293 which is factory correct for 361/383 engines with a 10.5" clutch and A-833 4-speed transmission. Part is located in Torrance, CA 90745 Asking $600 OBO + Shipping
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    FOR SALE BB Mopar to T-56 Scattershield

    I have a RM-8073 scattershield for a BBM to T-56 application. I used it for mock up and decided to go different route. I have misplaced the bolts (of course) Photo is a stock photo - I can dig it out of the shed and take more pictures this weekend but just putting feelers out New = ~$1010.00...
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    EMS upgrade

    I think Holley takes the cake as far as affordability and overall support... plenty of tuners know their way around the Holley software. I ended up going with an MS3X system as a learning experience - if I had to do it again I would have just gone with Holley and called it a day.
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    6.4 based 426

    What do you want to know? I am researching a 7.0L build utilizing a 6.1L block --- slightly smaller bore than the 6.4L but everything else is similar... stroker kit for the 6.1L uses a 4.080" stroke while the 6.4L uses a 4.050" crank... In short - you'd just order a stroker kit for the...
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    SOLD Parting out some of my 1964 Dodge Polara 2dr and 4dr

    Driver' side quarter panel "J" trim for the 2 door?
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    Tapered axle upgrade??

    I was in the same boat with my 64 - ended up scoring a complete 8.75 (housing, axles, drum brakes, empty 742 case) out of a 1970 Charger for $200 -- I already had a 3.91SG pumpkin so I plan on just swapping the entire assembly in when my body comes back from paint shop. Also to answer your...
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    Most cost effective transmission build for 600 or 700hp turbo drag car

    5.7L hemis can be found for relatively affordable prices - even the 2009+ Eagle headed ones. For Transmission you can go with a built 727 with no OD to keep the price down - or you could even go with a dime-a-dozen GM 4L80E and have a huge aftermarket support and electronically controlled. While...
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    '68-'70 Decor Coupe B-pillar mldgs

    Not much help but I needed some for my old 68 RR Coupe and I ended up buying some at the Spring Fling swap meet for like $75 back in 2011 I did a quick look as well and didn't find any currently listed. Usually when I find things that are not very common it is "use your best judgement" on...
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    Begging for attention

    Nice! I ended up with the 9.3 compression so if I decide to ditch the blower it wouldn't be a complete slug.
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    Begging for attention

    Second Keyway = Check Scattershield = Check - will be running a factory bellhousing with the 4bbl setup but have a scattershield for when the blower goes on.
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    Begging for attention

    Same with my Polara... which is why I will most likely just leave it off - cant bring myself to cut a rust free hood
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    Begging for attention

    The compression ratio comes out to right at 9.33 and I plan on running a mild 6-8psi... so I have a pulley set up for about 7.27% overdrive to start - should be an anemic 5-6 psi but I can always go up from there.
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    Begging for attention

    Well guys I fail to make much progress on my 64 Polara - mostly due to the Russian thing, the Job thing, Corona thing... Anyway - Finally getting some small progress - got the 440 together and some induction mocked up. This was a 1969 440 block, forged crank, forged pistons, and nothing...
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    Contemplating a new engine conversion

    Originally swapped my 6.1L into my 68 Charger back in 2008... things have come a long way since then. Getting the engine physically in the car is a bolt in affair - if you want you can go the "old" route and run a A518 or a TF727 with Gear Vendors... Or run the modern trans... or...
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    Disabled Combat Veteran 1967 Dodge Charger Newbie

    There are quite a few of us on here - Welcome to the show brother - USAF here
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    Scored a little project

    Well keeping on with this for those who care... Scored some 6.1L heads and plan on dropping my block off to my machinist in a couple weeks - this will determine what the one hurt cylinder will clean up at as the kit I am looking at allows for either +0.010" or +0.025" - Seeing how bad the...
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    San Bernardino/Riverside County Machine Shop Recommendation

    Just to put some skin in the game - I went through several local machine shops when I worked at the resto shop and we ended up working with TG's Performance now located in Gardena (too far for you guys but just putting him out there). He (Tony) has done no less than 30 engines over the years for...
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    Just found this Hemi swap forum - My Hemi Swap 68

    negative brother - the factory A/C box already has the nut attached to the tube coming out of the box - so you need the fitting pictured above to connect to it. So in short the fittings are very much around and making the lines are not difficult especially when you have the crimping tool...