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  1. JimKueneman

    WTB Water pump pulley for an early AC small block

    I’m looking for a water pump pulley for my 66 Valiant that I’m putting air conditioning on. It’s an early AC style with the large drive pulley that’s rubber damped. I noticed that my 68 Coronet 318 has the exact same pulley system as the 66. Does anybody have a water pump pulley that is 4 1/2”...
  2. JimKueneman

    WTB 1966 Charger Type Console Mounting Hardware

    Anyone have the two cage nuts and special washer/machine screws to hold the console down in a 1966 Charger? Seems like in ‘66 the consoles used this unique method before going to a bracket were a sheet metal screw is just used.
  3. JimKueneman

    FOUND AC Switch to Vacuum Line Clip.

    have misplaced the wide spring clip that secures the vacuum hose block to the AC switch for the Valiant. They are all the same.. anyone have one they would part with?
  4. JimKueneman

    WTB "392" stamped 360 Oil Pan

    Long shot for FBBO but need a 360 oil pan for an early A Body... Jim
  5. JimKueneman

    FOUND Early Timing Cover

    Anyone have an early SB timing cover (believe Poly will work). The one that does not have the timing indicator on the driver side. Looking for a nice one with minimal pitting in the aluminum. Thanks Jim
  6. JimKueneman

    WTB Small Block pre '70 AC Drive Pulley

    Looking for the crank pulley for a small block AC car. They are a bit special as they have dampers built into them. There were 2 part numbers and I am not sure what the difference is as they are both 3 groove (diameter?)... 2536752 is the part number for AC and no PS 2402730 is the part...
  7. JimKueneman

    WTB NOS 10” Front Drums for 68 Coronet

    Looking for some front OEM drums for my Coronet.
  8. JimKueneman

    WTB OEM Disk Brake Master Cylinder Core/NOS

    Does anyone have a factory Master Cylinder for late 60's B Body? Back when they were the 4 piston calipers. Here is what they look like. Very unique cover shape, like a pyramid. Jim
  9. JimKueneman

    WTB 1968 Coronet RH Rocker Moulding

    Anyone have a good driver quality RH Rocker moulding for a 68 Coronet they are willing to part with? If you don't know which side you have the rounded corner goes to the front of the car and should be on the bottom side toward the ground. Mine has the LH one on the RH side and probably a...
  10. JimKueneman

    WTB Front Fender Body Plugs

    1968 and probably 69 Coronet. If you open the hood and look down in front of the radiator support on each side the outer headlight and marker light harness goes though a hole in the inner fender to make its way to the backside of the outer fender. That pass through has special body plugs that...
  11. JimKueneman

    WTB 1968 318 AirCleaner

    i am also looking for a 68 Coronet 318 with AC AirCleaner. Rather have an old grubby one as I plan to hack out then bottom and graft in a 5 1/8" hole for my FITech EFI. I think the AC version has a small dent in the front to clear the compressor.
  12. JimKueneman

    SOLD LH Exhaust Hanger

    Anyone have a OEM Exhaust hanger and bolts for a 68' B-Body (Coronet). Jim
  13. JimKueneman

    SOLD '68 318 Throttle Bracket and KickDown Spring

    Anyone have a 318 laying around that they would be willing to part with the throttle bracket that is connected the rear left intake manifold bolts. Also would like the spring that goes between the carburetor and the kick down bracket, that pulls the kick down rod back on the carburetor pin...
  14. JimKueneman

    SOLD Coronet OEM Bolts and Nuts

    I am looking for a few special bolts for the '68 Coronet 318. 1) Anyone have these J-Bolts for the air intake on the right side of the plenum. They hold the duct to the plenum. 2) 318 AC compressor. Anyone have an old 318 with an RV-2 compressor that would part with one of the nuts and...