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  1. Paul_G

    New tail light lenses make a big difference

    Got these on Ebay for $189 brand new. A few years ago I would have paid that for a used set. I have been waiting for the prices to drop. I think they look great.
  2. Paul_G

    Trunk seal

    There are different designs for trunk seals. Any preference on which works better? This is Steel Rubber sold on Ebay for $67.19 Sold on Ebay for $27.61 On Ebay for $24.10 Ebay for $35
  3. Paul_G

    Replacement vinyl top

    Are there more options than Legendary Interiors?
  4. Paul_G

    Hood latch color

    What color should the hood latch and the safety release handle be?
  5. Paul_G

    1973 SSP $3500 take a look

    It was a 318 car, owner says it has the 440 in it but not running. "1973 satellite Coupe 2 door automatic 440 cars needs restoration orginal car no rust orginal quarterpanels automatic transmission engine was rebuild need to assemble the manifold s plugs needs tlc restoration just engine ands...
  6. Paul_G

    73 2 speed wiper motor color

    What is the correct color for a 73 2 speed wiper motor? Most I have found are plain black. Mine has a red end. Is that correct for 73? Or all black?
  7. Paul_G

    73/74 larger front sway bars

    Are they available from any source? Even from another model that will fit.
  8. Paul_G

    New exhaust on the 73. Do it yourself.
  9. Paul_G

    The interior resto is moving along, kick panel speakers are in

    I started in the back of the car. Rear seat removed and recovered with new foam. I bought 2" foam, big mistake. Very hard to get the cover on the seat bottom, but we did it. My wife had to help push. Used 2 layers of Dacron batting on the seat back. New trunk divider and package shelf with a...
  10. Paul_G

    Car is just as smooth at 125 as it is at 70!

    With all the suspension, steering, and brake work done it was time to go for a serious drive. I have put maybe 50 in town miles on the car, gave it a once over underneath twice now since the suspension rebuild. Even though the car looks like a rattle trap and sounds like a jalopy, under neath it...
  11. Paul_G

    1973 Charger suspension, brakes, and steering rebuild

    I dragged this home last year. It's a big block 4 speed. Got it running and drivable first, then decided on a rebuild plan. The car needs a complete restoration. Plan is to restore sections at a time rather than tear it all apart at once. I am starting on the bottom and working my way up. It...
  12. Paul_G

    Finding rubber body mount bushings for my 73 is becoming impossible

    All the suspension bushings on the 73 are being replaced with Polyurethane bushings. I would like to retain the ride quality the 73 and later B's are known for with the rubber body isolators. I just cant find them in rubber.
  13. Paul_G

    Where can I find this part?

    This is the power steering joint half that is on the steering box side of the steering coupler. 73 Charger. On mine the splines are striped out and it has a hole drilled thru it with a bolt & nut in it. I need to replace the steering box but need a new coupler half first.
  14. Paul_G

    Brand new classic Industries grille installed

    Finally got all the parts to together to get the grilles installed. It must have taken ten tries to get the grilles and headlights centered, bumper centered and level, and looking right. Removing, adjusting, installing, and repeat. The left low beam is a little better now than when I took the...
  15. Paul_G

    Put some CL wheels on the 73

    Had to get the ill fitting wheels the Charger had on it, off. Found these ones on CL. The tires are crap, but the wheels are like new. Not sure if like yet. Need to give it some time. They are 18x8 with 235/40-18's on the front, 20x8.5 with 245/45-20's on the back.
  16. Paul_G

    73 and later big block engine mounts

    Sorry, double post.
  17. Paul_G

    73 and later big block engine mounts

    Whats up with finding replacements? The only complete engine mounts are for the small blocks. For big block engine mounts the only thing available are the inserts. Rock Auto has Anchor, Westar, DEA, and Pioneer inserts, and Energy Suspension Poly inserts. How much trouble is it pressing the...
  18. Paul_G


    What would be the correct radiator for a 73, 400 engine, with A/C? The 73 Charger I am rescuing has a 68 383 in it right now. The water pump housing on the 383 has the inlet (lower hose) on the passenger side, and the outlet (upper hose) on the driver side, just like a small block. This...
  19. Paul_G

    Ok, what's missing

    I bought new grilles for the 73 Rallye from Classic Industries. The car does not have grilles or the mounting brackets for them. I picked up a set if mounting brackets off Ebay that were supposed to be complete. I guess there not. I think they are mounted to the upper bumper correctly. Is there...