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  1. Skytrooper


    Racing school is awesome ! I did my HPDE with PCA (Porsche Club of America). Then raced with them and SCCA, before going to endurace racing in the Champcar series. It was Chumpcar back then. Great racing and lots of seat time !
  2. Skytrooper

    What a weekend!

    Heading back for this years race ! We will have a longer drive since my daughter is moving to Delaware by the end of April. Both of her friends moved to NJ, so I imagine a fun drive to Road America this year ! Plus Andretti Motorsports wants us to come by. My daughter worked with them for...
  3. Skytrooper

    TTI head pipe length ?

    I have been calling all the exhaust companies in my area to include the custom pipe guys. Biggest problem is getting the car there with open manifolds. I do not have a trailer nor a truck to pull one, so delivering it is not an option. Plus, it would add to the cost. My question, and the reason...
  4. Skytrooper

    TTI head pipe length ?

    I am looking at purchasing the TTI head pipes for my '71 440 Charger. I currently have a new 3" exhaust system on the car. I have since removed the headers and installed the correct HP manifolds. My question is for those with the same setup. I am curious to the overall length of the TTI head...
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    Happy Birthday khryslerkid

    :bday: :bday:
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    Which boat are you in?

    Make sure they are LED lights and add a center brake light somewhere visible. Call it investment protection. Those itty bitty old style lights are not enough for todays drivers to notice. You wouldn’t be the first old car guy to have his car wrecked in a rear ender.
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    Proof nobody pays much attention to avatar pics around here...

    Watch this space ! Lol, I am watching Ed !
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    Soooo got bad news last week

    That sucks. So, what is the new plan ? Do they want to go back in and make another try to remove it completely? Radiation, Chemotherapy, what’s next ? As they say in Letterkenny “ Pitter patter, let’s get at her”
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    Happy Birthday 65Bel

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    Happy Birthday Moparmarks

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    Trying to make a decision. Opinions needed.

    I am in agreement with Mr. Coyote on this. It runs , drives, appears solid, just embrace your inner Joe Dirt and drive the wheels off it !
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    BBQ Day!!!

    BTW.....that looks phenominal !!!
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    BBQ Day!!!

    ....electric, propane ???
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    Summertime is here, let’s get to work

    I was in Western Australia in January’81. It was full on summer and just an incredible place to be !! Ahh, Cottesloe beach ! Swan beer too. All the lovely young ladies in Perth…
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    Happy Birthday Richard Cranium

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    I need a hole in the head I guess.

    Very nice !! Good luck with the build !!
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    Cake, Yum Yum

    Red velvet cake...yum !!
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    I have a small conundrum

    Thanks, I will send him a line.
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    Happy Birthday Charles Cook

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    I have a small conundrum

    I recently was in Idaho clearing out my brother’s apartment after he had to move into a nursing home due to his progressive MS. I found many things that I sent to my sisters for sentimental reasons. One thing I found was a 1972 Florida “Arrive Alive” front plate. This is not something that I...