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  1. Outlaw525

    FOR SALE KB162.030 383 Pistons NIB

    I ended up going a another direction and have this set of new Keith Back hypereutectic pistons for a .030 over 383. Box has never been opened. Includes the wrist pins $350 shipped in CONUS. I can do Paypal. PM if interested. Thanks
  2. Outlaw525

    Pictures of Your Car in Unique Places

    This may not be that unique to many of us!
  3. Outlaw525

    New to B-Bodies

    Welcome from Central Oregon and congrats. '68 is my favorite year of the Gen 2's.
  4. Outlaw525

    Wheel Wednesday

    Thanks, Ironically this is the set for the Duster when it gets the big block.
  5. Outlaw525

    Wheel Wednesday

  6. Outlaw525

    Pictures of Your Car in Unique Places

    In front of my shop Sledding
  7. Outlaw525

    Yo dudes!

    Welcome from a fellow EV2 1971 Road Runner owner.
  8. Outlaw525

    Rescued a couple '64 Sport Furys this weekend.

    It was just a street car with stock 383. It had stock 14" wheels with rotted tires. The wheels are ones that I had stashed, the fronts are Rocket repops for my Willys. With some interior work, I think it would be a great candidate for exactly that. There was a good hood and extra front fenders...
  9. Outlaw525

    Rescued a couple '64 Sport Furys this weekend.

    Well, one so far. Found these on a ranch about 5 miles away, made a deal and started the recovery process which included moving about a half ton of hay, cutting down a tree and moving the wall brace for the barn. The blue car was a 383 car and has no major rust. The brown car is a y block car...
  10. Outlaw525

    SOLD 1968-9 Roadrunner? seat medallions

    What is the length of the medallion? Thanks
  11. Outlaw525

    Vintage garage stuff

    My wife was recently helping her best friend's family with their Dad's estate. They were cleaning out his storage unit and this stuff was in the throw away pile. My wife grabbed them and brought them home to me because she said it looked like stuff that I would like. Then this weekend she...
  12. Outlaw525

    Street Racing Confession(s)

    My "daily" driver in the late 70's/early 80's was '70 440 6brl 4 speed Road Runner. It had a Direct connection .590 lift cam, Accel dual point, a set of multi piece headers, vertical gate shifter and the factory 4.10 Dana. I had taken the 6 brl off and put an Edelbrock STR cross ram on it. It...
  13. Outlaw525

    Hello from Pacific Northwest/first post

    Welcome from Central Oregon
  14. Outlaw525

    Hello from Washington State

    Welcome from Central Oregon
  15. Outlaw525

    Items you no longer see in stores

    Courtesy, common sense and customer service
  16. Outlaw525

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

  17. Outlaw525

    Back in the day pictures of wrecks!

    Oh Joe by the way, Hunter borrowed the Corvette last night.......
  18. Outlaw525

    Vintage garage stuff

    Acquired a new "have a beer and contemplate what's next" chair for the shop.