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  1. Moms68

    Lubing the speedo cable

  2. Moms68

    WTB Carter 6903 and rod

    Looking for a Carter 6903 fuel pump and a mopar fuel pump rod. PM if you have
  3. Moms68

    Header Clearance Deal(?)..& .Mancini 10% .....

    Are there clearance issues, installation headaches with Hookers on 68 b body??
  4. Moms68

    RB valley pan/ plate recommendation

    For a fresh 440 .030 over with pro source aluminum heads and Edelbrock Performer RPM intake. Other than the Felpro 1215 what other options should be considered?
  5. Moms68

    vin stamp decode

    I have a late 1969 440 block and would like this stamp decoded. I can’t find what the C stands for. Is it C body?
  6. Moms68

    What tools have proved to be invaluable to you?

    Multi screwdrivers! This one is especially handy to have.
  7. Moms68

    Who has had Covid lately and has not had any shots?

    What I found troubling, after receiving the 2 Moderna vaccinations I found myself randomly breaking out in hives. I never had hives before. After speaking to my PC doc, Allergist doc, and many others who have had the same reaction, I can only assume it is related to the shots. I am now taking...
  8. Moms68

    FOUND Cast 440 valve covers

    Looking for a nice set of M/T or Cal Custom valve covers. Send photos and your price .
  9. Moms68

    440 engine id?

    What would be the purpose then?
  10. Moms68

    440 engine id?

    In the process of building a ‘69 440. Found that this engine had a standard transmission bushing in the crank. Any way of telling what model car this may have been from?
  11. Moms68

    Looking for advice for cold starting 318 engine

    Is the choke and high idle working?
  12. Moms68

    Another Rock Legend Has Passed...David Crosby Won't Be Down

    I wore out my 4-way street 8 track tape listening to Crosby's music. Another legend gone but not forgotten.
  13. Moms68

    68 Charger colors need info

    I like the darker green, I cannot load my photo unfortunately.
  14. Moms68

    Lisa Marie Presley won’t be down for breakfast

    RIP. The Presley family has had its share of untimely deaths. Maybe fame and fortune is not good for your health?
  15. Moms68

    Ken Block won’t be down.

    I especially loved him doing donuts around the donut shop!!
  16. Moms68

    Ken Block won’t be down.

    Ken Block was tragically killed in a snowmobile accident. He is the incredible driver who drove in the Hoonigan/ gymkhana videos and a rally racer. RIP. Pro Rally Driver and Hoonigan Founder Ken Block Killed in Snowmobile Accident
  17. Moms68

    Pick 1 Song, That Does It All...

    Stairway to Heaven...Musically it is genius. The lyrics are a true gift. There's a lady who's sure All that glitters is gold And she's buying a stairway to heaven When she gets there she knows If the stores are all closed With a word she can get what she came for Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh And she's...
  18. Moms68

    Franco Harris won't be down

    Franco passed at age 72. What a great running back in his day.
  19. Moms68

    The best Christmas TV commercial I've ever witnessed

    I've always thought this commercial was heads above any of the competition.