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  1. ckessel

    An article on the new Dodge Demon 170.

    If someone is dumb enough to pay the markup, its on them.
  2. ckessel

    New member from Alaska

    Welcome from the sunny, rainy, windy central coast of Cal. First piece of advice, air up the right front tire. Will make it easier to push.:rofl:
  3. ckessel

    Post 16 new question. Replaced timing chain now vibrates and idles high.

    You may be able to rent one of the puller/installer units from a parts store. Much better way to go. Mopar is 3/4 fine thread. Proform Harmonic Balancer Puller and Installer Tools 66514
  4. ckessel

    What kind of engine oil you guys running high mileage '06 Cummins?

    And get a good filter. Fleetguard, Mopar, WIX, NAPA WIX, Carquest WIX, Baldwin, Donaldson, AMSOIL and I think Purolator. Stay far away from FRAM and some others I can't remember. Their filtering media has a tendency to come apart and plug up the piston cooling jets.
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    I like big mutts and I cannot lie.
  6. ckessel

    Ready to start TIG welding!

    Tig is better on sheetmetal than mig as you can control the heat with the pedal. The weld is softer too. Its a pain though when what your welding doesn't have good access for you to work all of your appendages. Sometimes you get really contorted just to work the pedal. Some machines have an...
  7. ckessel

    Updating the Super Street Mopar

    So far today I was able to tune up the weld edge of the wheelhouse with the hammer and dolly. Got that done then treated the new filler pieces with some Ospho so that they have some protection prior to welding. After I get done with lunch, will start on the cut edge where I separated the two...
  8. ckessel

    Thanks for adding me!

    Welcome from the left coast. What part of Florida are you in? Have relatives in Lutz and Pensacola.
  9. ckessel

    What kind of engine oil you guys running high mileage '06 Cummins?

    My 04.5 HO has had nothing but Amsoil in it after my first change. 215K so far. I started out with their 5/30 Signature series but at the last one I switched to the 15/40 Signature Series Max Duty. I use their filter plus I added on one of their bypass units, after the first change, to further...
  10. ckessel

    Ready to start TIG welding!

    No applause, just throw money.:lol: Some other stuff I forgot. On the tungstens, you can get various types. There are a couple that make them somewhat universal for use on aluminum, steel and stainless. Check out WELDUSA site for more info. When sharpening, use a dedicated tungsten only wheel...
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    Runner Up @ $10,000 Stock/Super Stock Race at MATS

    Way to go John!
  12. ckessel

    New guy from texas

    Welcome from the former home state of your new neighbors. Did you wear your dog out?
  13. ckessel

    New to site. Helping to Restore 67 Satellite

    Welcome from the left coast.
  14. ckessel

    Steering coupler difference for manual or power steering

    Eric, did you get yours squared away?
  15. ckessel

    Ready to start TIG welding!

    Unless you are lucky, its takes time to master. I thought it would be like gas welding but with an extra input. NOPE. I ended up doing some classes in 15/16 to learn. My wife wanted to learn how to weld so we both signed up for the basic which was stick, mig and tig. Stick I already knew from...
  16. ckessel

    Military Wisdom Phrases...

    BOHICA. Bend Over Here It Comes Again.
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    New shop build out coming to life

    Are you sure you want to use it as a workplace? Ffn awesome in there.
  18. ckessel

    Anyone here know Ron Nies/aka 383man?

    Maybe one of many who had enough of dealing with negativity specializing wankers.
  19. ckessel

    Transmission Cooler Under Car Suggestions Needed (1965 Belvedere II)

    Thank you. Since I totally redid the core support, that was a big benefit. Old one got the boot, new done from square and rectangle tube plus 16ga sheet.
  20. ckessel

    Ready to start TIG welding!

    TIG and hot rolled metal don't get along. You need to remove the mill scale before welding. In my experience on hot rolled, you can still get issues even after removing the scale. Looks like 4th of July fireworks, contaminates the Tungsten/ gas cup/ collet. Use either cold rolled or if available...