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  1. QuickBpBp

    Looking for a 1971 Runner dash pad

    And people thought I was crazy for asking $650 for a beautiful black original pad with the a/c vent and maplight... seems like bargain now.
  2. QuickBpBp

    Steering column spacer 1971 RR

    They look a little tight compared to originals… might have to guide the plate on to the studs, then bolt column to the plate… that way you will have the right angle…
  3. QuickBpBp

    Identify seats

    They look like 67 Coronet seats...
  4. QuickBpBp

    Anybody have pics of seat release knobs?

    There are also 2 types of the chrome 68-9 knobs, one that just “clips” on and another that has a set screw…
  5. QuickBpBp

    Wood Grain Steering Wheels

    This is the '70 only spacer that goes in those holes.. Steering Wheel Spacer Ring W/ Clips 1970 A B Body W/ Wood Grain Wheel | eBay
  6. QuickBpBp

    69 door glass track confusion?

    @Cranky @toolmanmike @kiwigtx they can put it in the correct forum..:thumbsup:
  7. QuickBpBp

    1971 Dodge Charger Seats

    The bucket seat frames are different from a 70 B-body to a 73-4 B-body. What the difference is I don't know if it would be a problem with new foam and covers.. I know the seat backs are different as are the release buttons. A '70 is supposed to have a Plastic seat back with no hinge cover and...
  8. QuickBpBp

    Unidentified seats!

    They appear to be C-Body as they have the same seat backs as my fathers '69 Sport Fury... SOLD - Bucket Seat Back Stainless Trim 1969-70 Chrysler 300 Fury Newport Polara | For C Bodies Only Classic Mopar Forum
  9. QuickBpBp

    Reproduction 66-68 Console top from OER/Classic Industries - problem

    This is not a new problem.. This has been known for 3 years or more that I know of... For awhile it was a battle as to what was faulty a new console body or the new top plate.. After showing factory plates goin right on new and old consoles it was determined these were the issue... When that...
  10. QuickBpBp

    70 roadrunner air grabber switch

    Don't know exactly but I think you cut a hole in the steel frame and the switch screws to that then the bezel goes over that.. The switch needs to be installed the right way I think "up" is open.. I know The 4 speed light just gets a nut on the backside (no screws) and the 4 speed light has a...
  11. QuickBpBp

    70 roadrunner air grabber switch

    This should help. Not the same hole. Here is a Factory 4 speed Air grabber panel.. 70 Roadrunner/GTX Dash Lower Trim Panel For Air Grabber Car - Moparts Forums
  12. QuickBpBp

    WTB - 70 front bench seat

    Try the parts wanted section you should get a better response...
  13. QuickBpBp

    1970 roadrunner torque shaft rod

    That part is commonly bent like that when a motor is pulled and the trans is hanging.. That could be straightened and used. It is supposed to be straight..
  14. QuickBpBp

    1970 roadrunner torque shaft rod

    That part looks bent...
  15. QuickBpBp

    Best repop 68 Dash pad?

    Mopar Authorized does not mean much these days... Not putting the part down but looking at it and installing it and putting the heater controls in is way different animal that sitting there by itself as most parts look great until you go to use them..
  16. QuickBpBp

    Rechrome Or Replace Console Plates

    The reason is the part will look as it did as original verses ground down and a rounded version of what the part use to look like. Keep in mind LOTS of parts are not reproduced therefore drilling and filling pits is very time consuming...
  17. QuickBpBp

    Best repop 68 Dash pad? I have heard good things about the 71-4 B-body pads I saw but don't know about the 68's... Just another option..
  18. QuickBpBp

    Rechrome Or Replace Console Plates

    Hey Steve, Paul's does Very nice work but very expensive. Any pitting and it goes through the roof. Personally the BE & A ones are very nice and from what I heard the Automatic ones actually fit. The 4 speed ones had serious issues with fitment.
  19. QuickBpBp

    Console Repro differences? (68 Charger)

    Again I think someone started to make it a 4 speed one and stopped... They should not have sent that out to you but they did...
  20. QuickBpBp

    Console Repro differences? (68 Charger)

    Those are the differences between Auto & 4 Speed. All differences are shown and only on Drivers side. As far as the rear bracket they are the same for Auto or Manual...