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  1. QuickBpBp

    73 B body Firewall w/AC

    Google will provide good pictures.. just search 73 Road Runner engine compartment with air conditioning..
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    My GY8 '71 Road Runner

    Hey you are welcome. Just saw this post. That’s a lot of work for sure. It’s always crazy wondering what is under 30-40 years of paint.. Funny thing that it was originally the color of your car.. It was nice meeting you and sorry to hear about the traffic on the way home been there done that...
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    1964 Dodge 440

    These were also painted silver on the inner circle... I have an Nos set and can grab some pictures when I get a chance..
  4. QuickBpBp

    1964 Dodge 440

    My 64 ragtop is...
  5. QuickBpBp

    Supposedly a 70 RT track pack car, any input on errors or value?

    Looks like by the pictures it was trying to be a quick flip... First pictures are where the car sat then the next set of pictures are from a car trailer... My guess is all the interest that it will be up for sale again shortly for MORE money...
  6. QuickBpBp

    70 Air Grabber hose grommet

    It maybe. In any case that fire wall grommet is "not serviceable" according to the parts book at least for a 71 N-96 b-body as it shows it but only on the hoses. 70 could be different or mine may have just been stuck on the hoses or sealed to the hoses who knows been decades. I just bought a new...
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    70 Air Grabber hose grommet

    1970 Mopar B Body Road Runner GTX Air Grabber Correct Vacuum Hose Kit | eBay
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    70 Air Grabber hose grommet

    I believe that is molded on the hoses... That is how my 72 AG car is. Comes with the new hose kit.
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    My GY8 '71 Road Runner

    Yep it's mine and no on the build thread. Been sitting painted for 9 years now. Have all the parts and no time been doing family things.. It's a 71 SSP got a 383 4 speed for it. I have the standard RR hood and an air grabber set-up for it..
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    My GY8 '71 Road Runner

    On another note The original color is not bad...
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    My GY8 '71 Road Runner

    Just read some of this. That could be an E-body rail and make sure it is an early one cause the later ones have different mounting holes in the rail for the bumper bracket do to the pushed out bumper design... Judging by this pic it appears those bumper bracket holes are different in measurement...
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    73 Roadrunner 340 Auto

    I agree. I would find a decklid or keep cutting as you can see more pin holes and heavy rust that will be sealed in to keep rusting inside...
  13. QuickBpBp

    1972 Plymouth Rd., Runner grill brackets

    I had 12 sets of grille brackets.. I can check later in the week if I have anymore to sell. I sold some grilles and brackets but I still have 7 complete grilles so I want to keep brackets for those..
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    1972 gy8 SSP restoration

    That is a nice donor car and a 71... Did that 71 come out of Pa. by chance?
  15. QuickBpBp

    Part id help please.

    100% correct. You can see them here..
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    1971 GTX Build

    Something is not right as that car has been all over the East coast for sale and on a trailer being moved... Hopefully no-one got scammed...
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    1971 GTX Build