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    The H.E.M.I show, March 4th, 2023 Phoenix. AZ

    I will be there for the swap meet. Looking for a counsel top plate’s for my 1968 GTX. Auto Thanks
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    FOR SALE 1968 HEMI k Frame

    $400. It has to sand blasted before sending it to me
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    FOR SALE 1968 HEMI k Frame

    I can fix/redo this on our fixture if someone is interested
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    Hemi carburetor help

    haven’t had much time to work on it. I found out I have electrical issues. When the car won’t start I pushed on the bulkhead connection it starts Will be cleaning it today and bypassing the voltage gauge. Then back to the carburetors Thanks for all the help
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    Hemi carburetor help

    I will check things out tomorrow. Thanks for your ideas
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    Hemi carburetor help

    sometimes I have to drive it when I want to restart it in a few minutes it floods sometimes. Like gas is going into the engine. It also smells rich like it’s getting to much fuel at idle. I do have new cab kits for them. Thanks
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    Hemi carburetor help

    I have a couple of questions I’m hoping someone can help me with My 1968 Hemi stock carbs When it sits for a while both carbs are completely empty. Also it wants to flood sometimes. I took them apart and the floats look to be correct. Thoughts on what I should be looking for? Thanks
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    Need ideas to remove stuck tight Hemi intake

    Make a plate to bolt on the carb bolts weld a hut on the middle that you can attach a slide hammer puller to It will come off
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    Who has MOVED from their home state ? How difficult was it for you?

    I’m lucky I have two houses. My main house in WI. I live on 40 acres with my house and shop on to of a hill. 40 x132 shop. + 2 car garages. My winter home in Apache Junction AZ. Is on 1 1/4 acres with a fence and electric gate with 3 garages and a lean too. Wife wasn’t happy that’s its an...
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    How about a vintage Go Cart

    I picked this up last year. It was made by Polaris
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    WTB Centerforce DF810739 clutch

    Centerforce. Sorry pedal
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    WTB Centerforce DF810739 clutch

    I have this 18s Clutch a friend of mine installed it didn’t like the paddle field and took it out $200.
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    Is anyone from Megaparts a member here?

    Jamie is a great guy. His dad Roy has been off work for months due to a medical issue They hired someone to help out There are doing the best they can to keep up. I live 15 minutes from them. They also won’t be doing many shows. If you get a chance stop in and see them.
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    Deer camp...

    My son shot this yesterday
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    The Colors of fall

    Getting the cars ready for winter Storage. It’s getting Cold in Wisconsin and they will be putting liquid brine down next week. Waiting for Spring
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    Opinions on a '66 Hemi Build

    stroke it. You will love the torque and no one the difference Unless you tell them
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    1965 Coronet stance with SS springs?

    I used 2 sets. Used right sides on one car and the left sides my other car. Works great for the street
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    SOLD Mopar BB Valley Pan Hold Down Bars

    I will take them PM me on how you want to be paid
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    I Took a couple cars out for nationally out sporting our local police department

    I helped support our local Police Department tonight
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    Paypal bullshit

    I sold a Hemi block. Over 21 days to get paid. Will never use it again