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    We're having a glazed donut party

    Crows may be smart but they seem to get hit by trucks. The watch crows can only say, "Cah!".
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    Used truck purchase, good idea to late.

    Well said, ckessel. It not only has spark scatter, it also gets the injectors out of synch, as I stated in the previous post as the distributor synchs the injector with the spark plug firing. The bushing and gear/shaft are available from Rock Auto at a reasonable price. The one I bought was from...
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    New Truck idiot message

    Hmm...dash alerts telling you to keep your eyes on the road make as much sense as billboards with the same message.
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    Used truck purchase, good idea to late.

    The 5.9 wasn't available until the next generation "baby Ram" R/T model. In 92 the LE was the top trim level and became the SLT in 96. Now, you need to look down the throttle body with a flashlight and open the throttle blades-engine off, of course! If the floor of the intake is wet, you have a...
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    For all of You Train Lovers

    Valrico Subdivision - Wikipedia It should be listed here.
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    Which oil? Mineral vs Synthetic

    Pennzoil and QS used to be the same company way back when before Shell purchased the company. When my son was a teen he got a job at a quick lube place which used Pennzoil. He could tell which cars used Pennzoil exclusively. The insides were all filled up with deposits. Just pull the oil cap and...
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    help mounting line lock on steering wheel

    You want a button similar to a push to talk button for aircraft communications. Has a built in Velcr....hook and loop strap.
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    Military Helicopter Down. No Survivors.

    That happened a couple miles from my son's house. His route home from work was detoured. It hit close to home for him as his last duty station in the Navy was HM-15, the Blackhawks, mine countermeasure squadron, which flies MH-53 Sea Dragons. From the audio you an hear the blades chopping at the...
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    Plastic surgery gone wrong

    Joan Rivers was getting another face lift but the scaffolding collapsed. Burt Reynolds was another classic hack job.
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    OHMIGOD! SNOW!!!!! WHAT DO I DO?????

    I used to love snow. Then I started working at MODoT.
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    Tom Brady Sure Glad He Gave Up Family For This

    This may be an example of how divorce can be worth every penny it cost.
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    Bridge rebuild

    Mine only slept one! Me! Construction on the Interstate highway system began in St. Charles, MO in 1956. They have been working on it every day since.
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    Yellowstone-the election is over.

    It sounds like another soap opera.
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    73 Charger SE big block im thinking about buying(but idk if $2900 is a good deal for it)

    Do a will it run YT video and recoup some of your money. Then do videos on fixing it and it could pay for itself and then some. A lot of folks are doing it!
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    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    Basket, thanks for that, I was told it was a P-51.
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    Easy start

    That's right! And didnt they go to electronic ignition in 80 also?
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    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    B-17/P-51 crash in Dallas today.
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    For all of You Train Lovers

    #475 is back in service.