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    Engine sounds terrible - unknown part under car!

    Then do it like they would on the farm. Drill a hole through the end of the shaft you are holding big enough to feed some baling wire through. Put it back in the exhaust manifold with a long piece of wire through the hole you drilled. Bring the wire around the manifold and twist the ends...
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    Engine sounds terrible - unknown part under car!

    It almost looks like that shaft was cut with a hacksaw. Terry W.
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    1974 Charger wheel lip moldings - NOS or reproduction?

    Here's another couple of photos showing the wheel opening.. Terry W.
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    1974 Charger wheel lip moldings - NOS or reproduction?

    I bought these OER ones from out of California. I believe it was from Classic Industries as the label has a California shipping address. Terry W.
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    1974 Charger wheel lip moldings - NOS or reproduction?

    I bought and installed some reproduction wheel opening moldings on my 74 Charger a couple of years ago. There is a difference in comparing them to an original molding see photos. Mine are the OER brand and look good but appear slightly wider and flatter. If you are replacing an entire set, then...
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    Seat and Steering Sunday

    It's amazing the variety of steering wheels and seats people have in their cars. Mopar sure knew how to mix it up. Terry W.
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    Pictures of Your Car in Unique Places

    Taken about 1986 in a power plant I worked in. Terry W.
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    It's Tail Light Tuesday Whatchya Got?

    If I had a lawnmower like this, I'd be better at cutting the lawn. A rider mower that looks like a classic Mopar would be even better. Terry W.
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    1 owner 68 Charger Barn Find (Family Tradition)

    I agree that spending time with your daughter is priceless. My son and i built a 71 Challenger for him to drive his senior year (2004) in high school. Took us over two years. Great time to spend with him even when we disagreed on things for the car. He now lives on the opposite side of the...
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    B5 blue headliner in 73 charger SE help

    True. I hope it works out for you. I just couldn't justify the cost at the time and I've been hoping a company like Legendary would eventually make them in the cloth material. Terry W.
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    B5 blue headliner in 73 charger SE help

    I had that same headliner material in my 74 Charger Rallye. I ended up putting a perforated headliner in it for about 1/3 the cost of having one made. I sent a sample piece of my original headliner to SMS Auto Fabrics and the said they could make me a headliner for about $400 about 7 years ago...
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    Hello from Pacific Northwest/first post

    Welcome here. Looking forward to seeing photos of your car. Terry W.
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    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Went looking at SUVs today to replace the wife's 4Runner that got totaled a couple of weeks ago when a guy ran a red light and t-boned it on passenger front door. Nearly impossible to find a reasonably priced 4Runner. She's looking at Mazda CX5 and Hyundai SantaFe. I don't like car shopping...
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    Front End FRIDAY!!!

    Now and in 1972
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    Never thought I would see the day that someone would think a Hemi Cuda hard top would be worth this kind of money. Not even the 1st one.

    I have owned my 71 convertible since June 1972. The body panel gaps are terrible. The top when up and driving squeaks and rattles. The seats are uncomfortable on long distance trips the older I get. Stopping distance with the 11" drum brakes is long. the car does draw the looks whenever I drive...
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    WTB '73 Charger Center Filler for Rear Bumper

    Here's one I painted after smoothing out by sanding. Has a gloss finish but I could scuff it up to make it look more original. Did the entire set to match. Terry W.
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    WTB '73 Charger Center Filler for Rear Bumper

    I had a couple of old ones that were not broken or cracked but were discolored. I have a new center filler piece and took it down to the paint shop and got them to mix up some flex paint to paint my old ones with. I sanded the old ones and painted them. They turned out really nice so I did all...
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    Which slotted exhaust tips for a 1974 Charger SE?

    My 74 Rallye has the long tips. Terry W.
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    Got the Classic Backyard Buddy 4 post lift installed today...

    I got a 4 post lift in September. I must admit they make working on a car easier. Right now, I have a car up on the lift, another below it and it freed up a bay for doing the body work on a third car. I should have gotten one 20 years ago. Terry W.
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    What was the first car you can remember liking?

    My brothers 65 Cutlass convertible when I was a senior in high school. Yellow with black top and interior and it had a 330 V8 auto. It seemed fast until we were passed one time by a 68 or 69 Roadrunner with a 4 speed. We were behind a line of cars going below the speed limit on a country road...