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    The Garage Runner

    Minimal progress in the last few months. I purchased a running '69 440 for it that I'll put new gaskets/seals in and repaint when it gets warmer out. Transmission is in, along with some misc under hood items. The biggest obstacle currently is that 15 year old me wasn't very good at bagging...
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    FOR SALE *BOLTS* Lower Ball Joint To Spindle. A, B, E, Body Cars. Disc & Drum Brakes.

    What is the total length of the bolt? I bought some from Doctor Diff and they were too long / bottomed out. This would be for a '69 RR factory disc brake car.
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    The Garage Runner

    Some minor progress this weekend. I re-covered the rear seat and also installed some sound deadening to the car (fat mat). It also sounds like I have a deal on a running '69 440 out of a '68 GTX. The owner rebuilt a '68 440 for the X which is how it has become available. I need to help pull...
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    The Garage Runner

    So here is the story of my '69 Road Runner. I got this car when I was 15 out of Southwest Wisconsin. I purchased it off of Ebay and the pictures did not do it justice.....for how rusty it was. Once off the trailer, my dad and I got it running and into their garage. Fast forward 19 years and...
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    New? Member - 69 RR

    I've been observing/reading on this site for awhile but haven't posted. I plan on adding a build thread about my '69 Roadrunner here as I get more involved with it. Live in SE Wisconsin.
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    Reproduction steel wheels

    What backspacing are you running? I'm looking to run 15x7 up front and 15x8 in the rear of my stock '69 RR. I see on the summit website 4'' or 4.5''