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    Need pro for ignition timing

    The camshaft will determine a lot of where the timing events need to be. Get idle squared away first, then build from there.
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    New cam and TDC timing 400 big block

    I wanna see someone get the crank gear at 6 and cam sprocket at 12 as originally posted. That would be a skill. :D Beanhead is a good dude. It's 6 oclock somewhere, time for a drink, right? LOL All good. We all get a little snarky on occasion. As others have mentioned. If you leave it...
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    Any advantages for having a 741 differential case versus a 742 case?

    Dr Diff covers one reason the 741 is better. Never broke a 741 pinion. Had a couple 742 and 489 break right at the riser. The other... ALL of the rears share the same ring gears and poor deflection characteristics/weak caps. None of which are be solved by a big pinion bearing.
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    Any advantages for having a 741 differential case versus a 742 case?

    I do love this old thread and the weak/strong BS that is sold to everyone. None of the stuff regarding the pinion addresses the real weakness of the 8.75 units. But that suspect info sure drives the prices of certain cases up a lot. LOL Reality is, one of them has the least amount of design...
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    Gold investing.

    Welcome to the world of commodities sales, stock market transactions, etc. It's called the spread. They buy for one price, sell for a higher price.
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    installing sb intake need some help please

    Make sure you pull the china wall pins out if using only sealer at each end.
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    FOR SALE Plug and play - Headlight Relay Kits

    I cleared some space.
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    Is Jim at JS Restorations OK?

    I thought he retired from the business end of 2021ish if that is the reason for your contact. If as a friendly chat to say hello, no idea as to his current condition.
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    Street Racing Confession(s)

    Even when I was active, depending on the car, I didn't want a lot of people around. We would go out on Fri/Sat to find people and set up stuff for during the week. Made plenty of phone calls on a tuesday afternoon to set stuff up that night, etc. Each crew brought max 5-6 people. Couple at...
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    Cindy Williams Won’t Bee Cruising

    If you like hard rock stuff. Black Label Society - Overlord video. She's in it. Always liked her over the other one in her happy days shows.
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    The Proper way to cook a Rib Eye steak

    I agree with the others that a good Ribeye cut needs nothing but some salt/garlic salt and pepper on it. I had a really thick one about 2.5" and couldn't keep the charcoal from tiring out. Ended up in a skillet, but, that was the first time ever. After 20 minutes of cooking it was still cold...
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    Moving to Texas

    Likely going to be a collection issue if the taxpayer has no presence or standing in the state. If you earn money there, probably fair game. Luckily I don't have a billion dollars, so not going to get hit with a tax. :lol:
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    Headlight relay

    You can if you want too. When I sell a kit that includes the charging wire around kit, I usually pick up power at the starter relay.
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    Street Racing Confession(s)

    Had stuff running mid 9's at 145 in the 84-86 era. I drove a lot of cars for guys too scared to wheel their own stuff. Remember Joe Sherman telling me I was crazy for driving a particular squirrely Camaro, followed by, but that car is fast. I think Steve might have been cruising the Chevelle...
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    Lakewood Bellhousing - What should I Look Out For?

    If you have the 4 speed stuff in the car already and are swapping to the lakewood make sure of the following. Happy with the clutch pedal feel and engagement with the stock bellhousing? If so, measure the distance from the flywheel face to clutch fork pivot bracket of your stock set up. Then...
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    Old school football (real football)

    The shoulder pads are way more streamlined and more effective. Old pads depending on position were HUGE. Guys are much faster now... way faster. I think the tackling at most levels is not as fundamentally sound. Lots of shoulder shots. The game would be a MASH unit if they could still use...
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    Molex Connector. Where To Buy?

    Most Napa shops will have that Packard 56/58. May look a bit different with the lock tabs. Evans would be another potential place to get an OE looking one. I can look in my stuff for a 2 way. Let me know what you need. Both halves and all connectors? I use them on this AC compressor relay...
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    Headlight relay

    Erik, Thanks for the purchase. Should have it on the way tomorrow. Any questions on install, please ask. Happy holidays everyone!