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    Check with Dr Diff. He might have the item you need. Very good to deal with.
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    Robbie Knievel gone at 60

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    Aftermarket stereo's in a 71 B body

    I bought the classic car stereo 740 for my truck. Works mostly fine, but it will not pair the Bluetooth from my phone. The other question is that the stereo came with only one RCA output for the sub. The directions don't say if it needs a 2 into one RCA cable, or what. I guess I need to call them.
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    POLL- MSD 6AL & Mallory 6AL - Analog vs. Digital - which one to use? Opinions - POLL

    I have an old MSD 6 that was given to me back around 1999 from a friend that had it on his car for years. I have an add on rev limiter. Still working fine.
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    Merry Christmas to all my friends here at For B Bodies Only!

    Merry Christmas to everyone
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    cam button/ bolts question

    I ended up removing the washers, and shaving the bolt heads down. I made sure that the bolts would sit flush on the cam gear. Thanks for all the help.
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    1964 Plymouth Fury Station Wagon

    Welcome from Weeki Wachee Florida. Nice project.
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    Which way does it go?

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    Which way does it go?

    I'm using a hydraulic roller cam in my 505 for the first time. So be nice. When putting in the roller lifters, does the lifter alignment bar go towards the cylinders, or towards the cam/center of the block?
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    Hey Everybody!

    Welcome from Weeki Wachee Florida
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    Head gasket coolant passage

    Thanks everyone for your input. Now I can rest easy.
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    Head gasket coolant passage

    Is this coolant passage on the head gasket enough to properly cool the engine? It is also offset. thoughts ?
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    ball and trunnion 1964 Belvedere poly 318

    Too bad you aren't closer. I have a driveshaft in Florida.
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    SOLD 383 Torker manifold

    383 Torker intake. Bead blasted. Good condition. $175 +shipping. Located in Weeki Wachee Florida 34613
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    FOR SALE Trick flow rocker shaft studs

    I have a brand new set of TFS rocker shaft studs. $40 +shipping. Located in Weeki Wachee Florida, 34613.
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    SOLD Trick flow 240 head bolts

    I have a brand new set of TF 240 head bolts. Made by ARP. $75+SHIPPING. Located in Weeki Wachee Florida, 34613
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    Engine/trans/k-frame removal

    I used several HF moving dollies, and scrap wood. I bought 2 large, and 2 small dollies. I put a small one inside the larger one. Then attached 4x4, and 2x4 wood to cradle the K member. The other dollie is to support the transmission. With the wheels off of the car, I could reach the K member...
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    Safety Clean/shop wash vat solutions....going to diesel.....?

    I use brake cleaner for most things. It is the non chlorinated type from Rural King. If it's bigger, and grubbier, I use the Tractor Supply stuff in my parts cleaner. Purple stuff is good, but I tried it in my parts washer, and it foamed up.