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    Chicagoland Mopar Connection Car Show Downers Grove Illinois June 4, 2023

    XS22J8R added a new event: Chicagoland Mopar Connection Car Show Downers Grove Illinois June 4, 2023 Read more about this event...
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    Chicagoland Mopar Connection Car Show Downers Grove Illinois June 4, 2023

    Jun 4, 2023 at 9:00 AM → 3:00 PM
    The Chicagoland Mopar Connection is having their annual spring show June 4 at Cozzis Corner in Downers Grove, Illinois. This will be the 3rd year the show is being held at this location, and the first 2 have been big successes with around 170 cars on display each year. If weather cooperates this...
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    Here’s a rare one, 77 Midnight Charger with T tops

    Slapping "Charger" emblems on a B body platform Cordoba didn't hold a candle to a few years later when they slapped "Challenger" badges on a compact Mitsubishi. :mad:
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    Here’s a rare one, 77 Midnight Charger with T tops

    Sold at the auction today for $17,600
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    Mecum auction 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona.

    There were so many wing cars at Mecum Kissimmee back in January, that the market might have been somewhat flooded. Several of the best ones brought huge money, others not so much. Of course many cars at auctions aren't nearly as nice in person as they appear on TV and online, and some have...
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    Craig (mobileparts)

    This situation and then not being able to find legal representation is to seek justice and compensation is crazy. Terrible anyone has to go through something like this! I watch a Youtube channel called Lehto's law that is often interesting. Steve Lehto is a Michigan lawyer, and also a Mopar fan...
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    Is Jack Daniels being a jerk about these doggie toys? Your opinion please?

    When I saw that dog toy, it reminded me of Wacky Packages I collected as a kid. If Jack Daniels has a legitimate case against the dog toy company, why wasn’t Topps sued out of existence decades ago for all the consumer products they have parodied with Wacky Packages? Wacky Packages - Wikipedia
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    Magnum in South Carolina

    Welcome from another ‘78 Magnum owner. I have a ‘78 GT with T tops I bought in ‘21 and am enjoying the heck out of it!
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    Firearm Friday

    My dad was mainly a collector and researcher of semi automatic pistols, but for a time when I was a kid he had a really nice M1 Gerand I was really enamored with. I was really bummed when he sold it, and I didn't get around to buying a Gerand of my own until fairly recently. I work for the...
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    Firearm Friday

    My late father was a prominent gun collector, and after he passed away I saved a Glock 17 he had thinking it would be a good home defense gun and good to take to the range. A few years ago, I decided I'd really rather have a Sig and looked into selling my Glock to help finance the Sig. My dad...
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    From Hagerty, the authors list the most underrated vehicle on the market.

    I really enjoy my Magnum, and it gets a lot of looks at car shows, so I'd concur that the 300 along with with its other late B body siblings, Magnum, Cordoba, Charger, and Fury deserve to be on the most under rated collector car lists. Until they get more respect, at least we can buy them for...
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    My New 1978 Cordoba 400, T-Tops

    Great looking car, I was drooling when it was discussed in the previous thread. I bought a T top Magnum in 2021 and have been having a lot of fun with it! You don’t see many late Bs anymore and my Magnum often seems to get more attention at shows than my Challengers!
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    Magnum GT on Feebay

    Not mine. This one looks interesting if anyone is looking for a fairly complete looking project. The fender flares in good shape it has are near impossible to find. It would be nice if it had the original rally wheels, and the seats don't look original. GTs rarely turn up for sale and E58 was...
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    Emissions test stupidity (Maryland)

    Something really stupid and maddening happened with the tests in IL a few years ago. Due to chronic budget problems in this totally misrun mess of a state, the state decided to save some money by not sending out the post card to inform car owners their cars were due for testing before they...
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    Emissions test stupidity (Maryland)

    I never heard of an emission test requirement to drive the car daily for a week for it to work. I’ve heard of people clearing a code and the test not working afterwards, as the vehicle needs to be driven through a full cycle of driving situations before it has the proper data to be accumulated...
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    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    TA4J from aggressor squadron VF43
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    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    If I had the means to afford my choice of a vintage plane, a Beech Staggerwing would be it!
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    Your view on police chases.

    The criminal element around here has learned they just need to run, either on foot or by vehicle, and the police can't chase them. The fact that they aren't being chased by the police doesn't stop criminals from driving like maniacs and endangering and killing innocent people though. In fact...
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    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    At 13:00 when the line of Tomcats takes a bow is awesome.
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    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    I always thought A10s looked pretty tough. Not pretty, but cool in a badass way. If I’d met the requirements for USAF pilot training, and then excelled in training to the extent I got first pick of assignments I might well have picked A10 over an F15 or F16 slot. I think the F35 is an ugly...