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  1. ChargerChad

    Factory repaired head?!?

    Makes sense. Honestly I’m not sure why anyone would spend the effort welding up a 452 head on a motor home and then machining the intake surface flat, since you can get a pair of them for a hundred bucks.
  2. ChargerChad

    Factory repaired head?!?

    I pulled a 440 out of a motor home with just over 32k on the odometer, engine is super clean inside… can still see the cross-hatching in the cylinder walls. Pulled the heads and one of the walls between the intake runners has been welded. It appears to be a solid weld. Would this have been...
  3. ChargerChad

    FOR SALE Stage IV Heads - ported, polished - all new parts

    I've been looking for some ported heads and I'm in the Watertown area, where in NY are you?
  4. ChargerChad

    Let's See Your 71-74 Chargers

    1971 SE N-Code 383, numbers-matching survivor with 59K original miles. Power windows, A/C, Cruise, Cassette Dictophone, W3 Bright White with Dark Tan Metallic/Tahitian Walnut Interior:
  5. ChargerChad

    73 charger wheel measuring

    245/60-15 front and 275/60-15 rear on 15x8 with 4.5” backspace. I got the Coopers which I am overjoyed with on ride quality.
  6. ChargerChad

    WTB 1968 Dodge dog dish caps....and other ideas...

    Got mine on ebay for $115 for the set. They were in really good shape so I just hand-polished with rubbing compound and then used some 2010 Ram black touch-up paint to freshen up where the factory paint was.
  7. ChargerChad

    Tire ride quality

    +1 on the Cooper Cobras. I didn't have high expectations because they were so inexpensive... but I just put them on my Charger in place of the 14" tires that were on it when I bought it and it's like going from 50's jeep to 70's C-Body.
  8. ChargerChad

    Crazy A/C compressor from a used 440

    $25 plus shipping, Haha!
  9. ChargerChad

    Crazy A/C compressor from a used 440

    I just stuck it on ebay for $25. I hate throwing things away that someone might have a use for.
  10. ChargerChad

    Crazy A/C compressor from a used 440

    I bought a '77 440 out of a motorhome yesterday. Sat for many years beside some guys house but fired right up with a jump and a little squirt of fuel down the Thermoquad. Odo shows 36K miles. That's not the crazy thing. The crazy thing is this enormous aluminum A/C compressor. Anyone ever...
  11. ChargerChad

    71 Charger SE build

    Wow, man I just spent the last hour going over your whole build. You’ve done an absolutely amazing job! I also have a 71 N-code on Brite White with the saddle brown interior. Power everything, cruise, and factory cassette… 59K original miles, numbers matching and all that. Like you, keeping...
  12. ChargerChad

    Looking for a quart of 1971 W3 Brite White

    Painting a set of 8" steel wheels for my Charger, gonna do the body color wheels/dog dish hubcap thing. I went on the Eastwood site but apparently only Ford and GM ever built a white car. Other sites want $300-400 for a "package". I don't really want to go $200 in to a quart of paint if I can...
  13. ChargerChad

    Edelbrock AVS2 question

    That's good info. That's another reason I like the Edelbrock is the ease of tuning with the available literature. I used the tuning chart you mentioned but I also found a Summit tuning chart for the 1906 that suggests more drastic changes. I am going to do a rebuild on the engine this...
  14. ChargerChad

    Edelbrock AVS2 question

    Thanks for all the advice, guys. I went 2 stages rich on the primaries which, according to Edelbrock's tuning chart, kept the stock metering rods in bigger jets. I'll do a corresponding increase in the secondaries as well and then see if I can push in a couple more degrees of advance. This...
  15. ChargerChad

    Edelbrock AVS2 question

    I’ve got a ‘71 Charger, bone stock 383 with 59k miles. Stock Holley had seen better decades so I hit the easy button and changed to a 650 cfm AVS-2. This was in conjunction with changing the old points ignition to a two-wire electronic distributor with a new coil. Wow, what a difference! I...
  16. ChargerChad

    Ignition timing

    That makes sense. I was driving it earlier today and my ping is still there, just slightly, under part throttle on uphills. I’ve got a 650 Edelbrock AVS-2 on it, and I’m planning on going a step richer just to make sure that’s not the issue. If not, My distributor is the 440 Source Street...
  17. ChargerChad

    Found this writeup on how to convert your Amp gauge to a Volt meter.

    I like the ammeter because it dives towards “d” whenever my windshield wiper motor is shorting out. Then I know to unplug it so I don’t have to use my wife’s car to jump it next time I want to go for a ride, lol. Seems like if I leave it unplugged a few days it goes a week or two without...
  18. ChargerChad

    Ignition timing

    My ‘71 383 likes 10 degrees. I had it up to 12 last week and hot starting improved but I’d get slight pinging under a load at part throttle and you could tell it just didn’t like it. Pulled two degrees back out and it purrs like a kitten.
  19. ChargerChad

    Help with starting issue 69 Charger 383

    If that’s the 440 Source E-coil, I have the same one. I also bought their ready-to-run two wire street distributor to replace the original points distributor on my 383 charger. It was only $70 and allowed be to eliminate the ballast resistor and not have any sort of ignition box. So far it...
  20. ChargerChad

    Mini Starter Question

    Oh well, I figured. It will definitely be nice to spin the engine faster.