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  1. acme rat killer

    1973 Roadrunner Restoration

    1 I thought most people put the pine tree under the mirror. 2 I wish Santa would leave me one. All kidding aside nice car.
  2. acme rat killer

    1969 Plymouth 318 904 Transmission questions

    I had a 69 satellite with a 318, 904, 8.75 back in 81 used a edelbrock street master 318 single plane intake, crane fireball cam, and blackjack headers, 1850 holley 600 cfm stock long block, B-M transpak setup for race and 3.91 suregrip ran low 14s high 13s on a good cool night. Now if I had to...
  3. acme rat killer

    Trannys and rear ends that came with the 71-72s

    I had a 72 satellite 318, 904, 8.25 and I had a 69 satellite with a 318, 904, 8.75 both cars had open rears and 273 or so gears. Both had a/c and power steering no tow pkg. So i dont know why one had an 8.75 and the other didnt. But ive seen /6 a bodys with auto trans and 8.75s factory and a...
  4. acme rat killer

    Rear Running Lights

    I dont know this for a fact, but the headlight switch may be to blame. My 73 SSP didnt have any dash lights, and all the bulbs good. wiring good, found on the back of the switch one of the plugs had slid back just enough to lose contact. that one post out of 5 or 6 ? on the back of the headlight...
  5. acme rat killer

    318 la horsepower

    I had a 72 charger 318 904 did headers and header mufflers, l dont think it got any faster but it sounded bad a$$. Got lucky and was given a 68 318 I built it over the next 3 or 4 months on the floor of my garage, no stand. Had the block cleaned, honed, new cam bearings and freeze plugs. stock...
  6. acme rat killer

    73 BogasRunner build on the cheap

    I dont know about you guys, but Ive had it up to here with rain. We have had over 30 inches in the last mo. and a half. Was thinking about ditching the 73 and building an Ark.
  7. acme rat killer

    Carb backfires

    I had a 383 that would back fire out the carb and tail pipe, if you adj the timing to idle good, it would back fire off idle. you adj timing off idle it would do it at idle. pulled my hair out It turns out the dist. mechanical advance was rusted and wouldnt work.
  8. acme rat killer

    The Best lame sales line you've ever seen/read/heard when looking for a car to buy

    Oil leak? Thats just sweat from all that horse power. :3gears: - - - Updated - - - And I own a number matching 318 at least i think all the parts in there match:headbang:
  9. acme rat killer

    73 BogasRunner build on the cheap

    Thanks for the info on the seats. If i change it some day Ill do all white buckets and console, But for now on the cheap is the name of the game.
  10. acme rat killer

    73 BogasRunner build on the cheap

    For now ill keep it. Just wish the back seat back wasn't bad. And I need the lower door panels. This car use to be silver frost and got a cheap white paint job some time in its life. I like the silver and I like the white, and I like both with the red Roadrunner stripe. But I'm stripping off the...
  11. acme rat killer

    Locked brakes after a cruise.... Then not..

    Sounds like you found it. years ago my dad replaced almost every part of a front disc system, Bad hose, you can push the fluid through a bad hose Mechanical advantage, but it returns very slow. To check this apply brakes and release, turn tire, if it wont move, open bleeder, it will be under...
  12. acme rat killer

    73 BogasRunner build on the cheap

    My new hood and wheels, and some body work. I just need some trim rings and some BFGs :headbang:
  13. acme rat killer

    1973-1974 Roadrunner & GTX and Satellite Pic Thread

    Gulfport MS. nice car Katrina didnt get that one. What size tires are you running? My Satellite was the same color with red top.
  14. acme rat killer

    Time for a show lets see the 71-74's

    73 Satellite with plaid int.
  15. acme rat killer

    73 BogasRunner build on the cheap

    I found my early pics on my old laptop, first pic should be last:grin:
  16. acme rat killer

    73 BogasRunner build on the cheap

    Got a New one, well a year ago March. Got it off Craigs in Kansas City A white 73 Sat. 318 auto ps pb ac amfm 50k on the clock, some rust but not bad. got the window sticker and bill of sale. I spent last summer just driving it and looking for Roadrunner parts. Over the winter started rust...
  17. acme rat killer

    70 RR in KC,MO

    Hay vetteman That was my 70, the guy i sold it to said he would give me first crack at buying it back if he ever sold it. Two years later i see it changed hands not once not twice but three times. Joplin sold it to someone in WI. been trying to find him on here no name given.I would love to see...
  18. acme rat killer

    66-75 B-Body Hoods For Sale: Road Runner Coronet & more

    If you still have the 73 RR hood Im interested. do you have any pictures of it? Thanks
  19. acme rat killer

    Backfeed to allpark lamps with directionals on

    If it does this on both sides and you dont have the same problem when you apply the brakes, it could be the front ground. I would trace the front grounds back to termination, and I would say both are tied together at some point. this would cause this to happen left or right.