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  1. Ski 61701

    FOR SALE B block cast iron distributor # 2444360

    I have a B block cast iron dual point distributor #24444360. The shaft spins freely and there is no wobble. Missing the vacuum advance canister. I can bring to the Indy swap meet in March. $75.00
  2. Ski 61701

    FOR SALE RB Steel Crankshaft

    I have a RB Steel crank that is STD on both rods and mains. I just had it magged this past weekend and it passed. Machinist says that it will polish up at std no problem. There are a couple of little pits on a couple of the journals that he said would clean up at .010 I can bring to the swap...
  3. Ski 61701

    SOLD MW Exhaust manifolds for sale

    Mailbox is now empty, thank you Photon 440
  4. Ski 61701

    SOLD MW Exhaust manifolds for sale

    This sounds dumb here, trying to figure out how to empty inbox.
  5. Ski 61701

    SOLD MW Exhaust manifolds for sale

    I am planning on going to the Indy Trade show on March 4th. I have a set of MW exhaust manifolds that I no longer need. They have been repaired professionally years ago, they have been sitting on a shelf collecting dust ever since, time for a new home. $650.00
  6. Ski 61701

    Going to look at 65 Coronet- what to look for?

    Bring a flashlight and crawl up under the dash and look up towards the wiper pivots. The seals that go around pivot shafts dry out and leak water down to the carpet, which then leads to rotted out floors due to damp carpet. Passenger side pivot will be a challenge to see because of the heater...
  7. Ski 61701

    WTB 440 steel crankshaft

    I might have one for you. I will have to mic to see what the journal sizes are. I bought it years ago as a spare, I have no idea on the history. Its in good shape no scoring on journals.
  8. Ski 61701

    64 Polara - trim removal tips

    Ok on the sail panel there are 2 plastic clips on either end of the trim piece. Now they look to be the same size as the side body moulding clips. They ARE NOT!!! they are small in width and are not reproduced that I am aware of. I bought a few repops years ago from Joe Suchy and last I heard...
  9. Ski 61701

    cleaning the outside of A-12 survivor carbs

    A low grade rubbing alcohol 70% in a spray bottle to cut the grease and muck. It will evaporate fast especially if you use an airhose to assist drying.
  10. Ski 61701

    64 2 Dr Polara exterior door lock not working properly

    Well sad to say....supposedly NO to the overseas junk we normally get. Here is the box they came in. Yes I have been victimized so many times on this project its sickening. I know I am not alone when this crap happens.
  11. Ski 61701

    64 2 Dr Polara exterior door lock not working properly

    Well after pulling my hair out on the reason why my doors would not lock, I figured it out. Several years ago I bought Mopar authorized reproduction door handles. They look great and actually have a little more "heft" than the oem ones. So fast forward to the current. I started looking at...
  12. Ski 61701

    64 2 Dr Polara exterior door lock not working properly

    THANK YOU!!!! This makes sense now. I have door closed flush with the quarter panel, I am not doing a "hard close" because I do not have the windlace installed, just rubber door bumpers. Once door is closed it doesn't wiggle in and out, but I will manually trip the catch mechanism once door...
  13. Ski 61701

    WTB 64 Polara Door locks

    I don't have any locks sorry. But if you could take a pic of the interior of the front drivers door locking mechanisms I would greatly appreciate it. I for the life of me cannot get mine to lock properly. I can push the interior door lock button down, and lock via the exterior door lock. But...
  14. Ski 61701

    64 Polara Windshield trim (installation)

    I have all of the trim off my 64 and I am finally in the process of putting things back together. Is there a trick (or sequence) to putting the trim back on? To me it looks like the trim at the top of the windshield and the 2 end pieces which tie into the drip rail look an assembly that needs...
  15. Ski 61701

    64 2 Dr Polara exterior door lock not working properly

    Yes, I have a FSM and I popped the door lock out and the part # (if you want to call it that) is the same as the passenger side door. So on the door lock itself there are (2) holes in the lever that the locking rod attaches to. Initially I had the locking lever rod in the hole at the end of...
  16. Ski 61701

    64 2 Dr Polara exterior door lock not working properly

    I have the door card off and I can see linkages moving and nothing appears to be binding. I did look at the other exterior door lock and on the back side I see that it has "RH" stamped on it to me this means passenger side door. I feel like a 12 yr old here, but the lock knob, you are...
  17. Ski 61701

    64 2 Dr Polara exterior door lock not working properly

    If I lock the door with the key via the outside door lock the interior button drops down to show in theory it is locked. But as soon as you push the exterior door button to test it, the button then unlocks the door as if the lock never "locked" the door. Just a tad frustrating to say the...
  18. Ski 61701

    64 2 Dr Polara exterior door lock not working properly

    I will unhook the lever and swap out the exterior lock. They may have been accidentally swapped side to side over the years . So if I understand things correctly when I put the lock in the door, I need to make sure the lever that is attached to the lock is facing to the rear of the car, and...