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    I don't want to go to work tomorrow.

    Congrats! I have to take my old man in for neck surgery next month, then he's done. Last 10 years he's been machining Smith and Wesson M&PS, he's had enough. Here's some of his "Handy" work lol.

    Firearm Friday

    Holy Chit! How did I miss this one? Well, I'm renewing my first gun. NEF 12. Has smooth and slug barrel. Slug barrel lost it rear sight shooting a doe in a snow storm @10 years ago so if anyone has one, let me know. I hit rust spots tonight, since it's been abused for years and been my go to for...

    I don't want to go to work tomorrow.

    Hell, I should skip work the next two days. I have a new job on Monday, current boss was so upset he took two vacation days lol. Don't want to go into it but, I spent 2 months keeping my employees from quitting, they told me I should quit so I did, wish I was retiring but... Nope, only 41 so I...

    I hate snow

    Great! We drove north of Portage today, interstate was shut down at 16 in Portage, other side had no snow at all.

    I hate snow

    Yesterday 50 and sunshine, today 9" of snow. I feel like this.

    Lunati Cam/lifter went flat during break in

    Makes a case for old soft springs for break-ins. Since that's all I have that's what my plan was. Bunch of moly and break in oil. I'm wanting to just run my car again, eventually a RB. Wife keeps the purse strings tight.

    Lunati Cam/lifter went flat during break in

    I gave it a shot, I'm in no hurry. I'm changing my oil pan, timing set and converting to a 4bbl. Still need an intake. Figured while I'm there I should add a stick. I feel like I'm hijacking now. Sorry guys. But hey like I said welding art, always see a upside. But again is resurfacing old 1973...

    Lunati Cam/lifter went flat during break in

    Nevermind, guy lied, bought the cam unseen. Lobes 4,5 wiped. XE262H. Guess I got some welding art material for 30$.

    Lunati Cam/lifter went flat during break in

    So I received a lightly used cam, nervous about lifters. Is there a case for resurfacing the original ones in my engine? I haven't tore them out yet. Is there a good shop I can send em? Egge?
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    a pot, a pan, and an oven........

    Couple cast iron or carbon steel steel pans is all you need. Pots, enameled cast iron.
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    Actor Tom Sizemore soon wont be down.

    Tom Sizemore dead at 61 RIP
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    5.9 Cummins owners?

    Napa Gold in mine. Not a drop leaked yet. Or get this guy. 89-22 Dodge Ram 5.9L + 6.7L Cummins Bullet Proof Diesel Water Pump Edit, 5.7 already linked it.
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    Cherokee XJ

    Miss my 96, kiddo cried when it was gone, Want another one.
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    A/C compressor for 1973 Charger SE

    No idea. Is I'm going back and forth if I should delete or not. Didn't know you needed such a thing.:popcorn:
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    These people got big balls... Or they are completely insane...

    I used to race BMX, street and dirt ride them too. I usually was in the ER once or twice a summer being sewed back together. I respect these guys. :thumbsup:
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    Things you would like to say to the PO

    I was looking at a Dakota R/T ad today that has the Lincoln Locker added, 1000 dollar upgrade.
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    Things you would like to say to the PO

    Better than my truck, dude used those snap together wire clamps.
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    Things you would like to say to the PO

    Why for the love of God did you take it to a quicky lube place for an oil change before I picked it up. They put the oil plug in with an impact.
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    Dirty Old Cars

    Almost wish it was a photo thread, but I ran into this show tonight, seems like a bull shite show, but I like detailing and I'm weird and like to watch cars being cleaned.
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    FBBO Mug Shots