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  1. PowerEng

    Seat Belt install on a 64 Fury Convertible

    So, I've got the old and moldy carpet out and I'm looking to put some seat belts in. I'm wondering if these are the anchor points for the bench seat in the front? As for the rear, I am going on the assumption that mounting seat belts would be on the incline into the trunk deck? Thanks in advance...
  2. PowerEng

    64 Only

    I crawled under the Fury today to confirm the below picture. Definitely not a 383! Casting block # is 2532230. That was a really nice surprise!
  3. PowerEng

    Finally joined the Mopar club.

    Good day all. New member from Alberta, Canada here. I picked up a 1964 Plymouth Fury convertible at an estate sale. It sat in a semi heated quonset amongst a whole lot of other classic cars (Olds Toronados, Ford Country Squire Wagons, Lincoln and Cougar convertibles and a few Square body...