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    Engine sounds terrible - unknown part under car!

    Thanks for the kind offer Geoff, there's a guy on the Gold Coast who would do it for me but I'm not pulling the manifold now when I'm getting headers early May. I've bought the JB Weld Extreme Heat Paste and I'll see if that works. I'll also reinforce it with some wire as Terry suggested above.
  2. 66 Sat

    Engine sounds terrible - unknown part under car!

    I haven't got a welder and access is a nightmare as it's on the inside face of the manifold (the block side).
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    Engine sounds terrible - unknown part under car!

    It was...I did it! I remembered last night. About 3 years ago I pulled the manifold off to check if the valve was in there and was stuck partially closed (I had that problem on my old Barracuda). The valve was gone but the shaft was still there. In the interests of maximizing flow I cut it out...
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    Engine sounds terrible - unknown part under car!

    I think you're right. I was just looking up images and the shaft looks exactly like it. I'll start it up tomorrow and put my hand over it and see if I can feel it blowing through. Thanks for all your help.
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    Engine sounds terrible - unknown part under car!

    Help required! Drove the car Friday night, running great. Blew a bit of the carbon off the plugs as usual, but nothing too crazy, maybe a few 5,500rpm runs. Parked the car, no issues. Went to drive it today and it started fine, oil pressure fine etc but was sounding terrible, like an exhaust...
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    Jerking during driving? 68 charger

    You can't tell the "wear" on the filter from the outside. The case looks a little chalky but looks decent in comparison to the rest of the photo. The hose clamps look fairly new so maybe it's already been changed in recent years? What did the restoration include? The body looks great from the...
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    Jerking during driving? 68 charger

    On a more serious note, start with the simple things - put a fresh tank of gas in, could have been a dodgy batch. Fuel filters are cheap, get a new metal one and install, after 7,000 miles it won't hurt to change it anyway. Check your plugs, plug leads, distributor cap etc. Check your timing...
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    Jerking during driving? 68 charger

    Maybe you're not holding the throttle steady while you are concentrating on other things...?
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    Need some quick help with 440 timing chain install.

    I would put an oil slinger in. For the $10 or whatever they cost, it helps keep oil off the front seal. It's one of those things that is so easy to do while it's all apart, you should do it.
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    When it's a heatwave, what car to drive?

    I love the heat, but yesterday in my work gear (thick long trousers, steel cap boots and a shirt) it was hard core. Moving along was fine, but through the city and in some jams on the freeway on the way home, I was feeling it for sure.
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    When it's a heatwave, what car to drive?

    It's Autumn here, usually about 80 degrees or so, but the last few days have been in the 90's. Today was approaching 100 degrees and I needed to go to the big smoke, a 120 mile round trip so naturally I took the Plymouth with no aircon rather my daily driver. Jeez it was hot! Car run...
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    Golden Goddess heart surgery

    It has to come out. You're doing heart surgery - what kind of surgeon would leave old parts in there and just sew her up?
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    "Please S T O P saying this" thread.

    Well I think having all these sayings adds richness to the world - it would be an extremely boring place if everyone spoke correctly like C3PO all the time. Examples: "I do not believe what you are telling me is correct" vs "You're full of ****!' Some of the sayings are used to provide...
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    1967 GTX at the Hanksters in PA, ???

    Does it have to be a 67 GTX or does a 66 Coronet interest him? @watermelon has a lovely 66 with a 440 and 5 spd manual for sale in So Cal at a very reasonable $32,500. Not an original big block car but damn nice and on sale in these very forums from a trusted member. FOR SALE - 1966 Dodge...
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    New Truck idiot message

    It's all down to 2 things: 1. *** covering. To stop them being sued by some moron. 2. Safety ratings. Scored in a little low in the frontal impact? Gain those lost points back by having a buzzer that rings if you go over 10mph without your seatbelt on. If they were serious about safety they...
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    Summertime is here, let’s get to work

    The Gold Coast, Queensland. You can drive your classic all year round.
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    Summertime is here, let’s get to work

    Well it's Autumn here but still 90 degrees.
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    Oil pressure loss

    More details needed. Obviously it drops when it gets warm as the oil thins out. It also drops with revs as the pump is turning slower.
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    where to sell 64 Bel more door car?

    Unfortunately the market will dictate the price, not the seller. Keep trying to sell it here, Facebook etc, dropping the price $100/week. Eventually it will sell. If the price drops to a level you aren't comfortable with, then take it off the market and have a re-think. Maybe worth spending a...
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    China Tool vs vintage US Tool... Any Questions?

    The only meaningful comparison was the sledgehammers. The concrete test has too many variables. What mix/age was the modern concrete? An 80 MPa mix at 56 days will perform completely differently to a 25 MPa mix at 7 days. Who knows what they tested? I always look for made in Australia or made...