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  1. Dibbons

    Corduroy Pants

    I don't have them anymore and I have not seen them on the street in a long time either. I still remember circa 1976 picking up Debbie R. and taking her to a drive-in movie. I was wearing one of my favorite lite blue corduroy pants and Debbie was wearing the exact same pair as me! Don't get the...
  2. Dibbons

    How to Install Metal Railing Into Concrete

    We have a 16 bare concrete step staircase that needs finishing. First step I suppose will be railing, or maybe we should tile it first?
  3. Dibbons

    What (respirator) Are You Using to Filter Paint Fumes and Pesticides?

    Paint fumes give me a headache, not to mention the health hazards. Need to invest in some respiratory protection. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. Dibbons

    How to Set Tile the Correct Way

    We are preparing to tile a new home in Mexico. The concrete floor is pretty uneven. Unfortunately, I don't expect to find anyone here in Mexico that will follow the procedures demonstrated in the video (even after I show 'em the video).
  5. Dibbons

    Days on the Green (Oakland)

    I went to one or two: Day On The Green - Oakland Coliseum 1973-1992
  6. Dibbons

    Rear sway bar advice

    I found a chart, but looks like part numbers are not factory because they start with a "P".
  7. Dibbons

    Rear sway bar advice

    On my '72 Satellite Sebring Plus 318, I currently have no sway bars. I have purchased a factory rear bar and I have installed PST 1.03" torsion bars (listed on website as 41" and 210 lbs/inch). Looks like I better be careful after the rear bar is installed. But wait a minute, I don't even know...
  8. Dibbons

    My Second Car ('63 Grand Prix)

    My first car was a '65 Valiant four-door I picked up used for $125.00 in Salinas, CA circa 1973. Around the same time, I purchased a '63 Pontiac Grand Prix for $100.00 in Marina, CA. The Pontiac did not have the eight-lug rims or the factory tach, but did have the slim jim automatic with the 389...
  9. Dibbons

    1971 vs 1972 Strobe Stripes: Is it just me?

    My parents purchased a Bahama Yellow 1971 Road Runner with the black strobe stripes. In 1972 they changed 'em. I can't explain why, but I always cringe at the '72 change and prefer the '71. And it bugs me somewhat because they are so similar. Anyone else share or does not share my preference?
  10. Dibbons

    13 Ghosts

    Still remember using these lenses handed out at the theater back in the '60's. Not really 3D glasses, but supposedly helped the viewer see the ghosts better.
  11. Dibbons

    Are All Factory 340 Water Pumps Aluminum?

    I think a hodgepodge 340 I purchased a few years ago had a cast iron water pump, so I thought I would ask if factory only installed aluminum (1968-1973)? Thank you.
  12. Dibbons

    Pictures of Your Car in Unique Places

    Right, my SSP in post #121 is a stock 318 two-barrel and I raced it with the gear selector in "d" for drive. The 4Runner was the factory stock 4.0 liter.
  13. Dibbons

    Pictures of Your Car in Unique Places

    Unrestored '72 SSP at the entrance monument (whales tail) to La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico and same car in a grudge race at Sonoma Speedway vs. my stepdaughter's 2004 Toyota 4Runner (she won by two second margin).
  14. Dibbons

    Bat **** Crazy Neighbor

    It kind of makes me wonder how many crazies are living among us? Most be more than we think because they are everywhere from what I see in the comments. Time for another "Twilight Zone" episode!
  15. Dibbons

    Bat **** Crazy Neighbor

    Not a nasty neighbor story, but the California storms have caused a problem with a relative's property when some oleander leaves were blown next door and some cattle ate 'em and died. The livestock owner filed a claim against the homeowners insurance policy when a toxicity report came back with...
  16. Dibbons

    Roof Blowing Off

    Just rv'd a message from our rental home in Valley Springs, CA. Tenants report 60 mph winds and the roof of the garage (not-attached to home) starting to lift off. Filed a second insurance claim. Last storm it was damage to the house roof, deck, and fence.
  17. Dibbons

    Bat **** Crazy Neighbor

    We had some construction materials dropped off in front of our house a year or two ago (gravel and sand). Slowly but surely, the sand pile "disappeared". One morning I noticed the track of a small tire (wheel barrow?) which led from the sand pile to the front yard of a neighbor. Well, the...
  18. Dibbons

    Used truck purchase, good idea to late.

    Nice purchase. I'm driving the '96 Dakota 3.9L five-speed Dad purchased new from the dealer (odometer clocking 295,000 miles now).
  19. Dibbons

    Carpools to School Anyone?

    When I was a kid (1960's) we either rode our bike to (Parochial) school (1 1/2 miles one-way) or our parents did it collectively in a station wagon with other parents. And this was with gasoline at maybe 25 cents a gallon. But it was the convenience of only having your turn to drive once a week...
  20. Dibbons

    Passport Pains

    Well, they sent the old passport back, so anyone can "copy" the signature now. I wonder why passports don't include at least a thumb print? Silly when you think about it.