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  1. Ron 73

    Donny's 1969 Satellite

    Donny,I see your hard at it still, Cool beans as one would say. ill be glad to get with mine again, its looking lost in there while i finish one project i kind of wish i never started now.. keep up the great work bud! i wish right now i could stay in here and look at everyone's cars but i do...
  2. Ron 73

    member garage

    member garage
  3. Ron 73

    Polywideblock - prayers needed....he has been found

    Please add my prayers for Phil a strong medicine it truly is! God bless you...
  4. Ron 73

    Project long haul...

    will be back soon gentleman, been sick and been busy, soon hope to be back here posting and updating even though the 68 Ford isint quite done yet, hickcup over engine im trying to get through now and will be glad to get back to work on the 69 bird! God bless ya all. Ron...
  5. Ron 73

    My 1967 Belvedere Convertible Plans and Restoration (aka - Mad Scientist Build)

    Yep, reading and lookin this is cooler everytime and i guess its been awhile but these cars are so large, long?, lol, It takes awhile to do what it takes to make them alive and well going down the road, i truly hope you enjoy it all and the benefits will be cool!!! NOW I WISH I COULD STAY LONGER...
  6. Ron 73


    Nope the diabetic NONSENSE is enough for me bud!!!! Checkin messages, sorry couldn't resist, yep i am a real one with it, it's bad, period!!!
  7. Ron 73

    Project long haul...

    Hey guys, its been months since ive been on hear and i havent checked any projects but i thought this night i would sign in, i reckon it has been awile, i still have the bird and ford truck which my work when im out there is on now, i bought a Ferguson tractor for plowing and now i have my great...
  8. Ron 73

    Project long haul...

    Hey guys, i debated on saying anything seeing it's been so long, thought it fair to share a bit, im still kicking and still have the bird, trying to get this new small but helpful building up has made plenty of problems and all the yard and garden, ect has to be done but this winter i plan to be...
  9. Ron 73

    Happy 107th Birthday Richard Cranium! (11th of March)

    Happy OLD age Mr. Old fart hee hee, we all seem to have to face the reality!!!, I always tell buddys--family "My body is getting old" Hey, my heart and head is still stuck on 18.... And stuck in the earliest year's of the 70's, And until the Lord changes things....... im ah-stayin buddy!!! :) :)...
  10. Ron 73

    Building a969 Roadrunner

    Awesome is the word!!! :) keep on keepin on man...
  11. Ron 73

    Comment by 'Ron 73' in item 'Dodge coronet'

    Cool and cool again buddy!!! Very nice ride!!! :)
  12. Ron 73

    1969 Satellite Wagon project

    Great year project, Back in the day i had a 70 and they are a sweet car to own, nothing but fun is yours now buddy!!! :)
  13. Ron 73

    New paint for the 73 RR

    out standing! I Myself love the looks of these generation of Mopars, The muscle meats sure do look great!!! :) You get it on the track, a EVEN small video would be fantastic!!!
  14. Ron 73

    I've missed you guys!!

    Whatever you do dear, PLEASE DON"T BEHAVE!!!, Kind of takes the fun out,,,,,, Of FUN :) I pray it get's better, been there, and in most ways still am i reckon,,, WELCOME BACK!!! :icon_sunny:
  15. Ron 73

    Just wondering...

    I really think the side pipes and especially the flame job on it look like a really bad cartoon, sorry pop's, JMO :)
  16. Ron 73

    Comment by 'Ron 73' in item '1967 Plymouth Sport Satellite'

    That is sweet! I LOVE the interior!!! :)
  17. Ron 73

    $500- 68 charger

    Yes sir bud! That is lookin good! Glad to see you still building and making this cooler! Ive done so little this winter on mine, ill leave it at that, you sure are gittin it done... :) - - - Updated - - - Oh yea!
  18. Ron 73

    69 Coronet 440 project

    John< You have some great stuff going on with this build, Before long your going to be a threat on the street!!! :)
  19. Ron 73

    70 Hemi Superbird Restoration..................errr.....scratch that........

    I may stop my build and hire, beg! you to finish my car, some fantastic work your doing here bud!!! Keep on keepin ON!
  20. Ron 73

    What do you guys think?

    [/COLOR][/U][/B]OR the nighty, be honest, all has to come off. :) Im 60 and still think young, my wife says most of the time i act young (she words it a touch differently), Now, what do i do in my defense! Thank ya sweety, you should think young to!, Thank ya dear, i feel even younger now you...