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  1. i_taz

    brake lights stopped working

    Save that switch, it'll probably work just fine when you cut that strap off. I just fixed mine by soldering just that 'rivet'. I tried a punch but that didn't work. I read somewhere that the heat from the brakes causes that connection to spread. It must be in nano inches because I had...
  2. i_taz

    Hotter spark plug for my 75 318

    Are they hotter because of that or a bigger spark...???
  3. i_taz

    Hotter spark plug for my 75 318

    Anybody have experience with non-resistor plugs...???
  4. i_taz

    440 issue after swapping to aluminum heads, need advice

    Admittedly I got lucky but there's not much to them really. They never got to the level of complexity like the Q-jets did with 2 dashpots but the engineering was impressive. I looked at the Thunder initially but bought a newer Demon instead and then thought why not try the real deal. I was more...
  5. i_taz

    Who has E bodies? Let’s see.

    I highly recommend the Sylvania Xtravision lamps....
  6. i_taz

    440 issue after swapping to aluminum heads, need advice

    I was so disgusted with the Edelbrock I think I did it on spite ! I cobbled one together from a rebuilt that came with a car I bought. Looked brand new, perfect center section that leaked like a sieve. Even put it in a bucket of water and could never find where it was dripping from but it also...
  7. i_taz

    440 issue after swapping to aluminum heads, need advice

    If you end up changing intakes and go the spreadbore route like the Holley don't discount a thermoquad. I have 2 of them and there growing on me especially after living with a Eddy 1411... Your limited to how much you can tune them unless your willing to step up for a kit on ebay but you may not...
  8. i_taz

    Crappy BF Goodrich'

    How's this for browning? Sitting inside over the winter... They UV crap comes from the inside out so there's no way to get them white without something like the old Westley's, the 80's before aluminum wheels Westley's....
  9. i_taz

    Review by '' on item 'Ole Yeller'

  10. i_taz

    Cam question for 67 GTX

    Slant six's had solid lifters until '80.... I only ever heard 1 in my life that didn't sound like a sewing machine and that was in a '70 Dart that the guy actually bothered to adjust them...
  11. i_taz

    Do you pressure wash your engine?

    Check this stuff out at Dollar General, like $1 a gal. or there abouts. It's the only thing that will take window tint adhesive of glass without scrapping too...
  12. i_taz


    Where can these bolts be found ? I found stainless 444-2001...
  13. i_taz

    Headlight Relays?

    Then get a set of these and you'll forget all about the LED puzzle... clean white light
  14. i_taz

    Headlight Relays?

    I sent him a PM a few years ago but by the time I heard back I went with this kit. Not cheap but he threw the shipping in, ran everything parallel to the existing wires just unplug and plug in the new. Mesh wire looms as opposed to the plastic corrugated stuff like the ebay kits but there only...
  15. i_taz

    Ammeter pegged but voltage at 14v

    I intended to go this route posted by Nacho-RT74 on another site (maybe on here to...?) and get the higher amp alternator I suppose. I found this little beauty cleaning and re-greasing my bulkhead
  16. i_taz

    Ammeter pegged but voltage at 14v

    So, your method is to leave everything as is, just tap off the same alt lug directly to the pos battery terminal and the path of least resistance will do the rest...?
  17. i_taz

    Tools Explained

    Well, the rest of the world is going to windmills, speaking of caveman, doesn't me we should to...
  18. i_taz

    Tools Explained

    They tried telling us that back in the 70's and I was in 6th grade. It's soooo easy, everything is multiples of 1 or 10 or 100. Thing is, all of a sudden it never happened here. Although, I just noticed the other day the aftermarket battery cables are 13mm....?!?
  19. i_taz

    Tech Tip: Throttle Cable length adjustment

    I just ran into the same problem putting a TQ on a '70 440 using the stock bracket. I actually slid the sleeve up under the locking cap just to make it work but wasn't to crazy about that set up plus it caused the cable to rub on the vertical kick down rod. Now it's perfect..... Thnx...!!!